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  1. Any updates? Looking forward to seeing the end result as i own the exact same VR6 in South Africa.
  2. Good Morning I am in need of a bit of advice regarding doing a engine swop from a 2.8 12V AA to a 2.8 24V BDE in my MK3 GOLF VR6. Does this 24V fit straight into my MK3 body of does engine mounts need to be made up? Does the CV Joints and shafts fit on the 24V? I will be running and aftermarket fuel management system should I decide to follow through with the swop. So I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on the swop and the ins and outs of the 24 motor? Kind Regards Gershon Adonis Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. Hi VR6Pete While reading on the forum and a few other sites, i am sure my issue is due to my 4 pin MAF being faulty causing the car to run rich. When i unplug the maf while idling, the engine dies and does not start without it plugged back in. I am sure that unplugging the MAF should not have this effect, am i right? Another friend suggested maybe the oxygen sensor could also be faulty? Before replacing the sensors I will have the exhaust system checked for any leaks as well. Regards Gershon Adonis
  4. Good Day I have noticed recently while driving my VR6, that it gives off a strong petrol fume while driving, specially inside the car. I have checked, and there is no miss fire or any over fueling taking place, the car is actually very fuel efficient. Is the any sensor i should replace to eliminate the strong fume it gives off? Please advise Regards Gershon Adonis Cape Town South Africa
  5. Thanks YinnyVr6 and KY_UK way to much heat and dry weather to get some rust by me lol
  6. Thanks buddy Not sure about the future plans yet, thinking of enjoying the OEM+ look for a while..maybe an air suspension someday.
  7. Beauty , can't scroll pass without staring at it for a while...
  8. Hi Guys Just thought I'd share a photo of my ride , loving this forum by the way
  9. Hi Guys Just thought i"d share a few photos of my ride Its a 1997 Golf VR6 in Tornado Red fitted with a factory sunroof. The car is fitted with a Maxtrac Adjustable Coilover Suspension , Simota Induction and the gearbox has been some what changed a bit, i'm using the ABF16V gears on the VR6 internals, which gives a me a bit better ratios. The car is soon to be fitted with a Dictator 60-2 Fuel Management System Further more i prefer to keep her original and preserve the beauty of a VR6..
  10. Hi guys. I need a bit of advice. My car has been running 100% fine, until i removed the battery and replaced the starter and put the battery back. Now my car only starts the first time after I connect the battery terminals, then after that it just starts up and dies. I have checked the ecu, crank sensor, coil pack, fuel relays, wiring but all without any success. Please help. Thanks
  11. GershVR6


    Hi Matt Yes it does fit, think you just need to make up a kind of bracket at the bottom of the seat. Saw a Vento fitted with MK4 Recaro's and I met a guy 2 weekends back who had fitted MK5 GTI front seats in his Vento VR6 and its a perfect fit. Looks neat. So i'm sure with a lil bit of changes you could manage to make it work. Hope my bit of info helped.
  12. Name: VW Golf Mk3 (1997) Date Added: 09 April 2014 - 12:31 PM Owner: GershVR6 Short Description: This is my 1997 Golf VR6 ;)It is all original Tornado Red with the factory fitted sunroof. The car is fitted with a Maxtrac Adjustable Coilovers , Simota Induction and running ABF 16v gears on the VR6 internals on the gearbox. A Dictator 60-2 Fuel Management System is to be installed in the near future. Other than that i prefer to keep it original and preserve its beauty. View Vehicle
  13. Hi guys Here's a photo of my VR taken on Friday.
  14. Hi Guys Earlier this month my dad and I attended a car show in Cape Town , and i thought i'd like to share a few photos with you guys. The green 2-door belongs to my best friend and it was imported from the UK down to Cape Town , so it was quite a show stopper as we hardly get to see a 2-door VR6 this side of the world. The R32 belongs to my dad, and i couldn't help but follow in his example and I became the owner of the Monza Red VR6 a year later, what a dream come true.
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