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  1. Defo doing this one still, been super lame at buying my ticket though
  2. Looks painted to me. ?
  3. Still For sale guys
  4. Mine is obd2 fella. Dd42 pcv delete is great btw. I bought mine direct from USA rather than from uk. It was much quicker to arrive rather than the one my mate ordered from a uk store. Because guess what, the store waits for a substantial order before placing an order with dd42 in the USA..
  5. Engine speed sensor only showed fault on mine when scanning live data. It definitely didn't show a code
  6. Hey saunders. I was talking to a guy from Chelmsford autos last week, he told me about a place that does custom driveshafts for not a lot of dollar. See if I can get the number for you.
  7. Hmm. Normally when no engine speed recorded on diagnostic tool, that's gonna be due to the crank sensor, that's directly where engine speed signal is measured. It's 100% gonna be a Sensor. If you got a spare, try camshaft sensor too, it surely has to be one of those two
  8. Ah, the nothelle is dead, just last couple of parts to strip from it, but it does live on in spirit at least in various other cars spread across the south east.. lol The green goddess and me have a love hate relationship these days, as I really don't use it at all.. I'm not gonna be off the mk3 scene though, I'm still keeping the little blue van..
  9. Hi guys, time to let the old Vr6 go. Looking for £3500 for this beauty, 88k Miles, many trick parts including schrick inlet, scorpion system, decat, raceland 6b manifold, eibach arbs. Genuine US parts fitted, please pm for details
  10. Yes, I've got a schrick for sale
  11. Can't believe how clean that car is, I even considered buying it myself. Not a bad price either by all accounts. Welcome back to the fold. [emoji1360]
  12. I've got my mark on them. Not collected as yet though@donnyboy
  13. Oh ffs legend, spose someone better add me to the list too then. I'm club display, no tyre shredding for me! Thanks
  14. Do you need engine plastics? Lead holders etc, I've got 2 sets and wanna get shot of one. £25 posted. [emoji1362]
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