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  1. Update, tried changing MAF & Coilpack but the problem remains, i have new leads and plugs here to go in next, still not getting any codes at all but i am getting 098-4-ADP MODE-ERROR on live data which i believe is the throttle body adaptation could mean: throttle body is dirty, stretched throttle cable, wiring fault, faulty TB or ECM fault apparently. Next on the list to try: 1. Plugs and leads 2. Throttle cable & Remove TB for a thorough clean 3. DD Intake Pipe 4. Spare new Crank Sensor 5. Blue Coolant temp sensor as the one i fitted was a c
  2. Yea that is typical will be ordering it from the states been looking on the site today, only place i could find it over here was Awesome GTI and they want £140 for the intake pipe and they do not sell the PCV kit that i could see ,the intake kit is around £100 directly from 42 so its a no brainier will probably work out around the same with shipping and import charges but i want the PCV kit with it, What did you do with the little tube coming off the top of the PCV disc btw if you do not mind me asking as i was wondering earlier what to do with it should i just put some silicone sealant in it
  3. Yea live data will be next port of call, i think when i checked it a few days ago i saw the RPM on the live data and it was moving when i gave it throttle but i am not to sure if it was the engine speed or RPM it said , Is your car OBD2 ? as far as i was aware all VR6's show the Engine speed sensor code 00513 Static-No signal if the engine is not running because if its not running then it is not showing a signal i thought this is normally whats supposed to happen and they all did this so i was concerned and surprised when i did not see this code appear i checked my other VR which is OBD1 and t
  4. Sounds pretty much identical to my issue, I removed the Intake boot today and have found a tiny and i mean tiny split on the part where the PCV connects to it, enough to let air through i just cant really tell if there is any more holes as its pretty hard to get a decent seal on it, i ended up sealing both large ends using a strong thick bag with the metal screw clamps then blowing through the PCV inlet i noticed something tickling my chin lol and it was air... had a close look and sure enough i have found one hole so far and i reckon there is more possibly, the bag seals i made stated to leak
  5. Thanks Mark for the reply that is very interesting i will take another look at the intake boot tomorrow for sure as this does seem to be one of the few things that would supposedly not throw a fault code. By concertina do you mean the griddle'd flexible piece close to the MAF side a few inches long or one of the ridges/bulges right on each end of the intake ? Thanks again for the suggestion much appreciated Mark
  6. Yea its strange i do not think this scan tool is showing all of the codes for some reason as no way on earth did the car only have one code it could have but i very much doubt it lol but it did show my ABS codes that i knew should of been present so i suppose it could be. But that with the fact that no engine speed code is showing when the engine is off tells me something is not quite right and you are spot on with what you say it makes sense hopefully replacing one of them will resolve it, i tried just plugging in my spare new crank sensor earlier without removing the new/oth
  7. Thanks for the reply Bealieboy , i replaced that first as i was pretty much certain that was the cause bought a genuine new Bosch one as well , i suppose it could be duff if that is possible ? think i have a spare here i could try.
  8. Their getting harder to find now unfortunately that is for sure, Yea that american link has loads of good stuff on there, prices do not seem bad either obviously you have to account for shipping and taxes but they have most of the parts you could need in one place.
  9. URO Tuning America have 2.0 ones that fit http://www.urotuning.com/Engine-Cooling-s/1266.htm it might be worth trying to find a 2.0 one using that part number on ebay here might be cheaper option due to shipping also VW Parts international on ebay have mk4 ones that apparently fit with a little modification as they say id message them and ask what needs to be done first to fit one i have been meaning too but have not got around to it yet or you could have a look on Ebay Germany . Hope this helps, Frosty
  10. Need some help on this one guys been trying to resolve this issue for months , When restarting the car when the engine is warmed up only it either cuts out straight away after you have turned the key or will cut out at one of the first few junctions at random when coming to a stop and dipping the clutch its like its not catching the idle, as soon as it cuts out it starts back up instantly on the key no longer cranking time or waiting to cool down, when restarted its back to normal drives fine and holds idle correctly at junctions etc, occasionally it will do it more than once on a
  11. Same thing's happened on mine about 2 weeks ago after a bit more research I'm led to believe its the Input Shaft Bearing inside the box itself ?? I could be wrong though I hope , Does it sound anything like this :
  12. Did it again ten minuites later and...
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