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  1. GENUINE BBS RX11's, 16" rims 5x100 stud pattern with VW 57.1 centre bore. Genuine bbs wheels, et42, wheels were split, powder coated, re polished and re sealed, have NANKANG NS2 tyres which have covered very few miles.. Wheels are in perfect condition with not a mark on them. Bought for my corrado but I have decided change it up a little.. Would like swaps or cash sale.. Must be 5x100 and 17" Location : Chester le street, co Durham £550 obo
  2. Well if everyone else is kicking off I might aswell chirp in!!! Our lass is thinking I'm knocking on with all these missing you emails!! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Anyone got a guide or any tips on removal of the discs on the rear? I ant find any grub screws or anything holding them on? I've read somewhere there is bearings holding them on?? Anyone shed any light on this??
  4. Not adjusted for height yet, just buttoned up for now.. Discs have been refurbished, just need to change the bottom ball joints and track rods.. Then that's it pretty much brand new again...
  5. Out with the old and in with the new and refurbished [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  6. I may be tempted to go light gold with the polished dish.. As daveyboy says they looked really well against my mk2 being oak green, to be fair dragon green isn't too far away..
  7. Made some serious progress with the raddo Over the last couple of weeks. Shocker legs all out, new top mounts put in and brand new coilovers.. Rears have been fitted and fronts are out! Job for this weekend. Rebuilt all the calipers with new seals and Pistons and a fresh coat of paint.. Carriers have all been wire wheeled and cleaned ready for paint shortly. Front discs have been wire wheeled aswell to clean them up, rears will be removed and get the same treatment this weekend.. Ended up picking up a set of genuine BBS RX2's today which have just been split, powder coated and rebuilt.. All
  8. Lol yeah no bother I mean I will give you the money just to take them being such a great friend.. I couldn't ask for anymore
  9. Have for a sale a genuine set of VW speedlines from a Corrado VR6.. They are a set of 5 genuine wheels, they do have some kerbing on 4 of them and the 5th is quite badly kerbed, they have all the genuine centre caps and don't look like they have been repaired since new.. They will benefit from a refurb to look perfect.. Tyres are trash and are completely done.. They are 15" et43 6.5J Sensible offers only please and will post out with city link next day for roughly £30.. Cash on collection otherwise PayPal only, don't do bank transfers like con men.. Then all party's are protected..
  10. Welcome to the club bud, ask away with your questions!! I'm sure the boffins on here will know the answers to them! Would love to see some pics of your mk3! Genuine low milers are hard to come by these days [emoji108]
  11. Yeah mate, I had them on my mk2 and I really did like them, genuine bbs are hideous amounts of money and at the moment I just don't have them funds.. To be honest there are others I quite like.. Here are a few that are ticking the boxes for me
  12. Well... So I'm a little further forward with these.. Had a spare half an hour and thought I would go out in the shed and see if I could work it out! Guess what I did!! Chuffed with them how they are now.. Stripped down, re painted, new seals and new Pistons along with new bleed nipples.. Just gonna clean up my discs and use the original pads on the front as they were pretty much new anyway and then replace the rears for new.. The sake of £25 I've got 4 completely refurbished calipers happy days
  13. Appreciate that input bud, I'm running on coilovers when I finally get them fitted!! So I should be able to adjust them so they don't rub.. I'm just gonna go 8.5j all round and with any luck I shouldn't get any issues.. I was talking to daveyboy and he says with them type of bbs reps he had to put spacers on the fronts to clear the calipers so that looks like I'm gonna have to buy some maybe 15mm..
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