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  1. No issue, these would be ideal for me.
  2. Have a set of G60 steelies with tyres for sale. Wheels have no kerbing buckles or bends and have never been welded etc. Tyres all have plenty of thread left and are all the same brand. Flat caps included in sale not black ones. 15" 4x100 Et35 7J 300£ I can post at an extra cost. Located in Ireland 00353-877641555 I have whatsapp
  3. As title, I have everything you need here for a stage 1 (6 psi) kit minus Vortech V9 headunit and some plumbing that can easily be fabricated to suit your car. This kit is for a 2.8/3.2 24v engine, can also fit 12v Mk4. These brackets are extremely uncommon and rare to get your hands on by themselves. This is ideal for someone looking to piece their own kit together bit by bit, and is cheaper than buying a full kit from a tuning company. E9P and superchargerinovations do similar kits for around 12-1500 quid. So what do I get? -VF Engineering bracket that attaches to the V9 -VF engineering brac
  4. Would you be interested in a swap for my two 3" dishes? I was going to advertise these or swap for 2" they've just been polished by a company in Dublin.
  5. You would also need the imob from the key the new ecu came from. I presume you've got the Man gearbox, and pedal box etc ready too?
  6. Mk3 Abf 288mm setup but which is 5 stud, that'll be the biggest for 15" wheels. You could go for Vr6 etc 312" setups but that is also 5 stud and will require 16" wheels minimum. 4 stud: 280mm G60 brake setup but they're fairly hard come by and not cheap. Next in line is the 256mm Kr 16v brake setup which is a nice upgrade from the smaller 239 etc.
  7. Yup I have one dude, can post too.
  8. Photos with a page with user name and date will help you sell the charger much quicker buddy.
  9. Yes true, mines smaller so the psi convert completely different with the pulley sizes. I have a idler bracket and pulley too so hopefully no belt slip, I'd be more than happy with 10psi tbh, that'll hopefully see me at 350ish. Basics are hopefully covered now once I get the fuelling sorted, I'm going with a 9:1 cr head spacer I didn't want to go any lower as it'll be quite sluggish low down in the revs. I think superchargerinovations do a cog kit for the V1? Not sure about Vito at e9p. 300 is plenty in a fwd anyway [emoji16]
  10. Strange alright, their website is under maintenance for a while now. I'll check The Phirm and Vince out. Thanks
  11. That's good info there Pete, thanks. I'm running a baby compared to yours, mines a V9 with a 2.4" pulleys and supporting mods etc. I was told by the .:R boys to go with 630cc Bosch injectors as they're a great fit for the 24valvers and if I want a little more power it's there so then that might still be an option if I can get my hands on a set without going to the states. I went for an adjustable fpr 3-5 bar from 034motorsport so that'll do me I hope. What kind of power are you putting down Pete?
  12. What route are you going, to get her to 400whp? Looks like a tidy base.
  13. Thanks for the info Matt. That's strange I ran my stock pump at 280 for 3 years with no hassle, boosting 6psi. I've gone with an intank fuel pump (320lph) as I heard those inline pumps are noisy, also Vince recommend going with a 4+ bar fpr as it'll help my stock injectors cope with 10psi, so hopfully that will do the job.
  14. I tried to get onto their website with no success, have I missed something? I'm looking for a 9:1 head spacer kit preferably including the other two gaskets too and was told that UM's kit was top quality.
  15. No problem. Cool Golf, I'm a Mkiv head myself. What're the plans? Any more pics?
  16. Good evening folks, I've been doing some research tonight but can't get a definitive answer, so no better place to ask but here. I'm currently fitting my Vortech V9 to my Bora (BDE) running 10psi and I was wondering what I would need to upgrade on the fuelling side of things, it's the one area I haven't covered yet as I was going to run 8psi (stage 2) up until recently. (1) Fuel pump? Can I run my stock on 10psi or do I need ie Walbro? I've heard they're noisy so would like something quite. (2) Fuel pressure regulator, do I need to get a 4+ fpr? Or can my standard one handle 40lbs/min? (3) inj
  17. He has one up Pete "VF Supercharger Kit (New Model V3 Charger) for MK3" https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https://www.vr6oc.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48961-VF-Supercharger-Kit-%28New-Model-V3-Charger%29-for-MK3&share_tid=48961&share_fid=55770&share_type=t
  18. I'll have a for sale topic up tonight at some stage, send me on a pm for further details if you like.
  19. Welcome to the OC. I'll start from the top, if you're looking at 50-400+ don't bother with cams or a ecu map as it'll bring peanuts on a NA Vr and cost lots of money for very little gains. You're better off looking at a cat back exhaust or even a cat bypass instead. They sound fantastic with a stainless exhaust etc. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket go FI, your engine will run fine on standard cr (compression ratio) till around 10 psi so you could look at a supercharger kit stage 1 so 6psi? That'll bring your car to around 250-270bhp with a cat bypass etc. Going down the turbo
  20. I'll be putting up for sale a stage 1 Vortech kit minus charger for a 24v, not sure if yours is 12 or 24v
  21. Golf Mk3 GTi rep for parts, everything available. Exterior: .Full window out respray this time last year in black magic. Not a single dent or scratch on the body work! .GTi arches and side mouldings .dewipered boot lid, badges removed too. .Vento front end. Genuine Hella fogs fitted to the front with genuine headlight switch. .Jom coilovers fitted less than half a year ago. .Genuine Bbs Ra 14x6 80% thread left. .Polo GTi vented front brakes with new pads. .New Golf Mk3 GTi top mounts fitted. .Hella GTi tail lights. .Brake hoses all replaced. .Front wishbone bushes replaced. Interior: Full GTi
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