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  1. How much? I presume this is for the Vr 12v? All brackets etc included?
  2. What psi is the pulley rated too? Is a different cr required?
  3. The end connection is the same as a standard manifold so I wouldn't see why it wouldn't fit an exhaust that's already mated to a standard mani.
  4. Hi John, a friend of mine is selling one if you're interested send me a pm [emoji3]
  5. Dale I will still swap for 2.5" and chance it if you like. Ideally need 2" but will try the 2.5"
  6. MK4 VR6 Needs to go https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Evr6oc%2Ecom%2Fforum%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F49439-MK4-VR6-Needs-to-go&share_tid=49439&share_fid=55770&share_type=t You'd make most of your money back on the Recaros.
  7. The V3 is part of the V1/V2/V5 etc family so no it wouldn't fit V9 gear. The V9 is the odd one out in the Vortech family. The rest will need you to change the engine mount on that side too.
  8. No Mk4 12v aren't compatible with 12v Mk3. The Mk4 12v and 24v setups are identical when it comes to brackets.
  9. I could ship it over no problem, the kit I'm running came from Napa Ca and cost 100 quid incl custom charges etc. So I'd say maybe 25-30 quid to your door for these bits.
  10. I have everything you need here bar the headunit (V9) 24v VF Engineering Brackets For V9 FS As title, I have everything you need here for a stage 1 (6 psi) kit minus Vortech V9 headunit and some plumbing that can easily be fabricated to suit your car. This kit is for a 2.8/3.2 24v engine, can also fit 12v Mk4. These brackets are extremely uncommon and rare to get your hands on by themselves. This is ideal for someone looking to piece their own kit together bit by bit, and is cheaper than buying a full kit from a tuning company. E9P and superchargerinovations do similar kits for around 12-150
  11. Google is your friend, it's been done a good few times.
  12. Pete speaks sense, my kit then all the plumbing, them when you have a few quid saved spare go directly to Vortech and buy a headunit. You'll have the lot for 2500.
  13. I have a kit left over spare from my Bora in the classifieds. All you'll need is a V9 headunit which you can get directly from Vortech if needs be. Definitely the cheapest option.
  14. Yes it will all fit. They're both Mk4's
  15. Up for grabs is my set of genuine stamped Vw G60 steelies that have been banded. Tyres are 195 50 which have a nice stretch and have very little wear. Centre caps are all intact and present, no buckles or cracks. Rears are 10J with a 4" dish and fronts are 9.5J with a 3.5" dish. These are epic looking, ideal Vw Golf mk1, mk2, mk3, Jetta, vento, Derby 4x100 Rears Et -5 Fronts Et 0 10j 9.5j
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