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  1. Corrado/Golf VR6

    Any mechanically sound vr6s for sale? Preferably with decent exhaust, filter etc the usual. Max budget £1500 but would prefer to spend sub £1000. I'm in Dunfermline, Scotland but willing to travel as far as London for the right car. Not bothered about bad paintwork, dents etc, being mechanically spot on is the only important thing. Thanks Sam
  2. difference in vr6s ?

    Makes sense. IMO they should of made a rwd vr6, not a 4wd. That would be epic. As much as I love a vr6, it annoys me they're fwd.
  3. difference in vr6s ?

    So why on earth isn't the mk4 called a golf vr6 4motion? I've never actually seen under the hood of a mk4 v6 4mo but was always led to believe it had a conventional v6 engine as apposed to a vr6.
  4. Vr6 Highline

    Tidy motor mate, I miss my mulberry 5dr highline.
  5. difference in vr6s ?

    Especially with a cone filter and decent exhaust.
  6. Mk2 Golf Vr Turbo

    That mk2 is pretty much exactly what I want sitting in my driveway some day soon.
  7. Should make hoodys! I'd be keen for one of them. Will the medium black polos be back in stock soon?
  8. difference in vr6s ?

    The mk3 had a 2.8 vr6 12v and the mk4 had a 2.8 v6 24v. Technically the mk4 isn't a vr6 as the pistons are at 90 degree angles ie a v6. In the vr6 the pistons are at a 45 degree angle hence the name vr6 (VR stands for Vee Reihenmotor which pretty much translates to vertical inline.) As said above the corrado had a 2.9 vr6 12v. It also may be worth noting there are 2 variants of the vr6 engine. OBD1 and OBD2. All corrados and pre 95 mk3s are OBD1 and post 95 are OBD2. OBD2 is basically an upgrade, upgraded throttle body, abs and few other bits and pieces. Not too difficult to do the conversion though. See more on this thread: http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/topic/7902-is-my-vr6-an-obd1-or-obd2/ It's worth noting that the mk3 vr6 is fwd and the mk4 v6 is 4wd. 174bhp vs 201bhp as standard I think. Not difficult to get a vr6 over 200bhp though.
  9. Mk1 Vr6 update

    Tidy mate, not enough mk1 vr's out there. I'm considering a mk1 or mk2 vr conversion in the future. I've heard the mk2 swap is pretty straightforward, what sort of problems am I likely to encounter with a mk1 though? Do the conversion kits usually have everything you need?
  10. One of my favourites, taken at a local vw meet, my mate was using his fancy camera and the faint me's were accidental (thought it looked cool though). Also it's raindrops on the car not scratches/stonechips like a few folk have thought when they saw the pic on other forums!
  11. Simple Rules

    Tell me about it. Although I think people that drive 35/40 in a 60 are even worse!
  12. DUBstep..????

    Haha loving the reference to R2D2. Personally I don't like it but don't dislike it either. I would describe it as electronic/dance music with hiccups. Shame the genre DUBstep isn't something awesome that I really enjoy listening to while driving my dub. Ie a compilation of vr6 sounds!
  13. mk2 conversion part 1

    Easiest way is to upload your photos to a site like photobucket. You copy and paste the image code provided into a post. It's a bunch of numbers with [ IMG ] at the start and [ /IMG ] at the end. The link below is to one of my photos on photobucket. The "IMG Code" can be found on the right hand side near the bottom. http://s1303.beta.photobucket.com/user/sam_vr6/media/DSC00405_zpsb4d3afce.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4 Hope this helps, and look forward to seeing the mk2! Sam