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  1. Bbs fitted Also won a few awards over the last couple of weeks
  2. Small update Went to mod nats which was awesome And I've sold my wheels and now have these beauties! 16" BBS RS
  3. It's a Vortech V9 mate. I'll grab some pics tomorrow
  4. Two days hard craft has resulted in this
  5. Full steam clean Get rid of any old wires that aren't in use New expansion tank Paint charger crackle black Paint rocker cover and inlet (probably colour coded) New charge pipe (probably colour coded) New 911 engine caps Black hoses And the list goes on lol
  6. Couple more pics She's also booked in for some engine work
  7. haha if you saw my mrs you probably would ;-) I live a good life lol
  8. Haha thanks and sorry for all the pics but hey ho
  9. Awesome weekend at ultimate dubs. The mk3 seem to get a fair amount of attention which was amazing! She's such an attention seaker
  10. I made it to uktimate dubs:) [ URL=http://s617.photobucket.com/user/Scott_PP/media/0C030C06-01B2-4076-805F-BAE010D2AB7D_zps1rjmj1bf.jpg.html]
  11. Haha cheers lads Here's the finished article, that's the artist by the way not me
  12. Yup completely freehand and I would love to say I did it but I didn't lol
  13. Update: Pick the car up today (cutting it fine I know haha), had some custom art work done for the instal and can't wait to see it all out back together
  14. Popped up to Havair today and progress is going well, wings all ready for paint after the side repeaters were smoothed off. Next is the front bumper, rear quarters and finally the air ride. 2 weeks until ultimate dubs
  15. Scott_P


    Lol it's so annoying isn't it! I'm gonna have to buy a house with a garage lol driving me insane
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