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  1. Hello mate, nice selection of cars
  2. https://vwpartsinternational.com/shop/electrical-engine-parts/5x-vw-golf-mk3-gti-vr6-door-rub-strip-moulding-clips-new-parts-worldwide-shipping/
  3. Still get genuine wounds from VW £132
  4. Yep, arches have been rolled, this is mid work
  5. Few bits turned up today, Shame the cars not here to fit it Front strut covers Door latches This is going to be a fun job
  6. Welcome and love the R32
  7. Hello and welcome, nice mk3
  8. Just popped in the body shop and yet have made a good start on the sills and both front arches rolled Rob
  9. No, both sills done and painted, both genuine front wings replaced and painted, bonnet and boot So not far off lol
  10. My painter told me to have a few beers and be sat down, wasn't lying either lol
  11. Dropped it off to the body shop this morning and a few more bits turned up
  12. Car all packed and off to the body shop tomorrow
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