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  1. 1996 3dr Golf VR6 syncro Here we have my Golf VR6 syncro, I have owned this car for very nearly 5 years and it has been superb right from day one. Unfortunately these days I don’t have the time available to enjoy it to its potential, although it has been MOT’d every year and kept garaged the whole time. This is indeed a factory produced 3 door Golf VR6 syncro. It has 115,321 miles on the clock, comes with plenty of factory extras including Climatronic and heated seats, just under 12 months MOT and a solid engine and drivetrain. It is LHD as it left the facto
  2. New batch of these are in! Now featuring 24v versions. Exactly the same quality as before, please take a look: 12v: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/VR6-12v-Billet-CNC-stainless-steel-crack-pipe-for-Golf-Corrado-passat-/152624874869?hash=item238926c575%3Ag%3AJIoAAOSwY3BZGXxm&_trkparms=pageci%3A9f82e8b3-7231-11e7-85bf-74dbd18075c3%7Cparentrq%3A8031756415d0a861cf772376fffbaf94%7Ciid%3A1 24v: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/VR6-24v-Billet-CNC-stainless-steel-crack-pipe-for-Golf-4-motion-A3-R32-/152624874630?hash=item238926c486%3Ag%3AOzIAAOSw9OFZGYAg&_trkparms=pageci%3A292
  3. Hi, I am planning on making a Rotrex bracket for my VR, has anyone got a drawing/dimensions for one? Failing that a whole bracket would be easier ;-)
  4. Still after these if anyone out there has some?
  5. Yeh guessed it would just be the glass. Thanks Pete
  6. Doh! Just realised this is in for sale! Meant to be in technical
  7. Basically I'm looking to convert a LHD MK3 golf VR6 to RHD. With regards to the headlights, is it just the glass that differs between LHD and RHD or is it the reflector or something?
  8. Hi all. I am looking for a set of good condition clocks for a Golf VR6 OBD2, part number I believe is something like: 1H0 919 930 G. I'd consider most mileages but ideally around 120,000. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the feedback once again! Down to the last couple now, looks like I'll have make some more!
  10. Thanks bealieboy. I'd like to see if I can get one in the same colour first
  11. Hi, I am after the above. A front passenger wing in storm grey (LY7K) with the rounded indicator hole and preferably without the aerial hole but I'm being picky as it is! All conditions considered. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the feedback ky. I hope it's just the photo but the metal one looks about 15mm shorter than the original!?
  13. So I see! Treat your VR6 for xmas! I shall post it out today. Thanks Jon
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