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  1. Jimmy-VR6-Highline

  2. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    iv just done 96000
  3. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Saturday im doing the big end bearings, new sump gasket, oil, oil filter, pollen filtter the lot really. Only saying it know 'cause wont be back on till late saturday or afternoon sunday.
  4. Feature Car of the month chat

    Gratz mate! Well done Nice looking VR.
  5. Low rpm misfire under load

    You ran vag com test? If its a sensor that will pick it up.
  6. Not Much Money - Where To Start?

  7. Not Much Money - Where To Start?

  8. Low rpm misfire under load

    checked ht leads are plugged? if you had them off recently and not pushed them alway back in they can pop off.
  9. Feelin the pinch !!!

    Yeh im feeling it to. mines going off the road tomo needs engine work to it and its a daily so got know choice have to use the peasant wagon (bus) to go to work for little while i look for a cheap run about for time. hopefuly i'll have some more monies coming my way in few weeks time. either new car or carry on with the vr. fancy mk2 vr6
  10. PS3 GT5 race nights

    Swiss-B Add me got fair few VWs. MK1 Gti full modded, HPA Motorsport MK4 R32, MK5 R32 and Lupo Cup Car and loads other crazy fast cars lol be on later if get chance.
  11. Anyone done this here?

    orgasmic! that has to be in my top 3 best vr noises!
  12. Big End bearing

    Contacted them, just waiting for reply! Do they do P&P??
  13. Big End bearing

    I done my chains and tensioners. Put new clutch in aswel. Never thought at the time of looking at big ends or mains or even little ends. Least found the problem just need parts lol!
  14. Big End bearing

    Sorted the link now dont worry cheers There about 5 or 6 quid a piece though aint they? What are they like, quality wise? Better than VW original from stealer? cheers mate
  15. Big End bearing

    Hello all! After much head itching and stressing iv finally found that noise! its the big end bearings that are knackered! BUT...no where does them except main stealer! Eurocarparts, parkers and gsf dont do them, they all say main stealer and im guessing its going to be close the £100 mark for all 12 anyone know of a better place? Ow and a part number please as i forgot to write it down after taking them out...durrr! lol Thanks.