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  1. shawry

  2. Brake calipers

    Can any1 tell me what size mk3 golf vr6 rear calipers are??? Are they the same as all mk3s or just vr6???? Help plz
  3. Help!!!

    Just been out in my vr obd1 and at low revs it stutters and goes again also if it's ticking over and u blip the throttle the revs drop then revs up fine but feels very under powered it has had new plugs leads and coilpack could it be maf sensor or dirty throttle body??? Help plz always breaks late Saturday's so it's a mad Sunday dash to fix!!!!
  4. Shedding weight

    Looking at shedding some weight out of me 4door vr6 but I need 4 seats still as I have 2 kids was thinking of stripping all the sound deadening out from under the carpets and fitting some light weight front seats how much do u reckOn I could save ??? And what else could I possibly do???
  5. I've recently brought a set of Coilovers and am wondering how is the best way to set the camber on the front after I've lowered it or is it best to go and get a garage set it for me??
  6. does anyone no where the diagnostic plug is on an odb1 golf vr6 it feels very restricted wen cold as if its holding back but fine wen the temp starts to build any ideas on either of these points folks??
  7. Went out In the golf yesterday only about a 10minute trip started from cold went in the shop came back to start it and it just kept cranking and the oil light flashing and relay 167 clicking like mad so just give up and left it went back to it later that day and started first turn but the oil light flashed about 4 times before it strews no problems since can any 1 help???
  8. Dodgy ignition help!!

    Battery is fine thinking it's the ignition barrel seems a bit wobberly can I jus get an eBay jobby with a key or r they coded???
  9. My ignition is playing up sometimes my car starts and sometimes it doesn't I thought it was a bad earth at first but when don't think it is when i turn the key to position 2 all lights come on then try and start it and it jus dies nothing at all them other time u turn the key and get no lights or lights dim and flashes Can any 1 help really annoying now[blockquote][/blockquote]
  10. how to sell a wet suit lol lol

    That's awesome lol what a legend
  11. Sloppy gearstick

    My mk3 vr seems quite sloppy when in gear is this jus 1 of them things with having cable linkages or is it the bushes in the selector in the car ?????
  12. Sumpguard

    Right I've made a cardboard template using welding rods for strength so I got the right angles looking pretty good jus gotta transfer it into steel next weekend then just need weld some nuts to the crossmember and subframe and it's done
  13. Sumpguard

    Nice 1 this really helps me out now to c how it goes
  14. Sumpguard

    Nice 1 mate any chance u could email em 2 me if I pm you my address??
  15. Sumpguard