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  1. What do people recommend, aiming for mid 300's on sensible boost, that is a bit cheaper than the garrett gt series turbos?
  2. LiamD


    a bucket on runners to fit a mk3 floor
  3. LiamD


    everything bar the dashboard. no sound deadening, crash bars, no interior plastics, no rooflining, etc. only things i can make lighter is the windows, sunroof mech out, remove the second skin of the doors/boot/bonnet, and remove the dash. It's a daily driver until i get my Corsa project on the go
  4. LiamD


    it's not about bhp it's about how you launch the car, plus mine is quite a bit lighter than a normal VR York dragstrip are doing a 0-60 day this weekend coming. They also use the TSI 0-60 timing a GTi Inters but it's a worse surface.
  5. this is something i want to try so i need a Golf V5 box, DZL code. 100mm driveshaft flanges to use the VR6 shafts? Anything else?
  6. LiamD


    I'm aiming to beat my mates Focus RS which did a 5.9 lol That 6.1 was in it's old spec which was bit heavier and crap Toyos. Shed another 50kg out of the car and I can launch harder on the Yokos. TSI timing too, which is what they use at Santa Pod, etc, so it is accurate! (not me and my mate with a stopwatch lol)
  7. to continue the trend as seen in the stickies. who's got down the 1/4 mile this year and what are you running? I got to york on monday and managed a 14.5 @ 95mph, deffo got a 14.2/14.3 in it, wasn't running well at the weekend. car is an obd2 vr, crappy motorworld cone filter and a custom 2.5" exhaust and de-cat. (189.5bhp)
  8. LiamD


    I've managed 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. OBD2 VR6, cone filter and exhaust.
  9. Anyone going? I should be there, hopefully pissing off the Skyline owners club again.
  10. Oh well their advert is wrong so as long as it's a vr coilpack there should be no problems?
  11. Do all VR6 engines (2.8 & 2.9) share the same fitting coilpack? I need a new one and have been offered one off a Corrado. Thanks Liam
  12. I'm thinking carb cleaner down the throttle body and clean the MAF? What's best to clean the maf with? My mate said use electrical contact cleaner as it evaporates quicker.
  13. Right banged it on vagcom. Got the following code - 00533 14-00 relating the idle speed. Anyone encountered this and fixed it?
  14. I'm going to put it on vag com at my friends tomorrow. It decided to stop doing it today mind :/
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