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  1. yeh it is a small event but it is getting bigger every year. they have another 1 for the end of the summer in august i think. which is susposed to be a bit bigger. but we gotta go to these smaller shows to get them bigger and stronger!!! nive for turning up tho
  2. thats proper bad mate i relly feel for you. i think you have to name and shame to stop him doin it again to some other poor bugger!!! hope you get it up 2gether and see at shows!!
  3. hello people im just about to fit a 2.9 vr6 enging into my golf and was thinking about super charging it ay toughts???? cheers
  4. nasty should be gd 1 they also do camping aswell if you aint been on the site and most important of all they will have a bar there!!
  5. nice 1 il ring them up 2morro an find out how much they are
  6. fair enough ware will i find an engine code on one of these engines????
  7. hi can anybody help me im trying to find ware i can some standard piston rings for a 2.9 vr6 corrado engine can anybody tell me ware to go please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. theres usually a marked bmw estate traffic car on the duel carrigeway from bere regis to dorchester about half way been stopped by him a couple of times oops lol
  9. hi everybody what aboput poole quay or baiter just a bit further up plenty of parking lots of good pic places an theres a chippy 2 min walk away!!lol
  10. hi if you go to www.vdubatthepub.com it tells u everything you need to know it hasnt been goin long and the organiser would to get it bigger each year! hope people can make it!!
  11. right whos up for v-dub at the pud on the 14th and 15th may in wimbourne dorset at wimbourne football club
  12. hi there people can anybody tell me where i can get some new piston rings for a 2.9 vr6 corrado engine jus doin a conversion an the ring snapped in half like a twig!! so gotta re-place them all!! cheers
  13. help i need to find a vw corrado 2.9 vr6 complete engine wiring loom!!!!!!!! any help???????
  14. yeh i got an auto electrician comeing out on wednesday so lets jus see wat happens with that
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