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  1. Hairyarse

  2. i have a new motor .....

    Go for the black ones - although I'm bias, that what I've got to put in mine Where you get the plate stickers done?
  3. Im away for a while....

    Really sorry to hear your news Nat, stay strong and my thoughts are with you
  4. Richie's 94 vr - still ongoing...

    Looks good Rich How you doing? Why selling the wheels? What's going to replace them?
  5. If numbers are low maybe this can be combined with the suggestion for a Christmas get-together???
  6. alternatives to powerflex

    I've bought off Larkspeed recently, great bunch to deal with;) A mate was telling me recently to do either powerflex or just VW standard as the OEM stuff lasts so long. Alternatives to powerflex can be too harsh and not last
  7. My VR

    Welcome Matt, that looks really tidy and shines up well. Enjoy driving it
  8. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Washed it, drove it
  9. Standard vr6 brakes

    Didn't think standard brakes too bad. Have just fitted red stuff pads on mine, notice the difference and they're good. As you're on 280mm discs, you could go for Ferodo DS pads. They're a bit cheaper and on a MK1 I've been in they stop incredibly well. Do your fluid first as mentioned then pads - I did fronts only, seemed enough
  10. jims turbo vr on a budget

    Looks goods and 400BHP!!! Is it hard to keep in a straight line? Done any quarters in it yet? I reckon you're after that trophy off Tony at next years club meet
  11. well time has come to say goodbye .... :o(

    Read the first line and had a moment of being gob smacked - didn't think you'd be leaving!