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  1. VW Golf Mk3 Highline
  2. Hi guys I have a VR6 Highline that I have had parked up for a few years. It's on need of work on the body due to the usual mk3 rot. My plan was always to store it for 10+ years and get it back out as a project, but life has taken over, I'm moving house, had a baby and just need it gone now really. So question is, how much should I ask for it? It's a black highline 80k miles I'm the 3rd owner Totally standard and untouched It's got Aircon but it doesn't work Rotten sills and wings Full service history up to when it got pa
  3. Haha, No offence taken don't worry. I may only be 5ft but I have broad shoulders so can handle a bit of banter. And thanks, it's good to be back. [emoji4]
  4. I can confirm I am a woman and I own and drive a VR6, this is actually my second one...
  5. Name: VW Golf Mk3 Highline (1996) Date Added: 07 July 2014 - 03:01 PM Owner: VR6Nat Short Description: Totally standard VR, 64k miles, 2 owners, full history. Really tidy example that I intend to keep original and mint View Vehicle
  6. Looks good, interested to see how this one unfolds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. so there is just one extra coming from here that is not on facebook? RadoSteve?
  8. Also please say if you are club camping or family camping....
  9. Hey guys and girls This reunion is getting pretty big now, more than i expected! Its going to be awesome! I need definite names of who is coming and booked tickets so we can sort out enough club camping. Please go to the facebook event I set up and click attending if you have booked your tickets... https://www.facebook.com/events/529671417099432/ Or add me as a friend and I will invite you https://www.facebook.com/VR6Nat If you're not on facebook please write on here. Thanks
  10. I think its quite nice, more so in the last pic, the first dont do it justice. As long as he is happy with it that is all that counts really. There will always be some that love it and some that hate it no matter what you do.
  11. Tony I have a ticket but no club camping pass?
  12. Its great to hear he is doing well hun... always here for you, my mum wasn't one of the luckier ones either as you know... but it is always promising to see some people fight through it. Fingers crossed he can now recover and put this behind him. Big hugs to you hun. xxx
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