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  1. so i was inquiring with a trader though another forum who are offering a discount and they told me that at the end of the month milltek will be producing their last run of their system for mk3 vr's. dont know how true this is gonna fire milltek a Q direct but doesnt sound good
  2. often wondered why n/a tuning is a bit neglected compared to an equivalent bmw engine. when you consider you can get of the shelf carbon inlets and tuned plenums for old e30's, 328's and m3s etc. maybe just cos theyre flat 6 and long mounted youve got more room so it gives you more scope! certainly aint cheap though
  3. so if i join up for premium and i get my discount on vibratechnics mounts who do i buy them from? vibra direct or an authorised retailer?
  4. fiat bravo/brava rad the inlet and outlet on the rad are in the right place for the vr hoses
  5. thinking cos its 2.25" would it be to restrictive for a relatively low boost fi set up?
  6. another Q... is it best to fit the maf pre or post charger? ive seen both done but couldnt find anything definative. if its pre then is it likely i'll have to extend the maf wiring?
  7. thanks for the info. its still something i'll look into for the long term but now as 'item was ended early' itll have to wait ggrr
  8. i had suspected that as most of the builds i'd read were for corrados still be interesting to hear what the bracket mod is as its something i remember seeing before too
  9. also seen i may have to switch to an obd1 throttle body what else would i need to change as mines obd2?
  10. so im looking into going standalone when i rotrex the car. heard good things about DTA and the support for them. ive got some fairly n00b questions though so be patient! im assuming the DTA unit replaces the entire stock ecu? what do i need to change on the engine loom apart from the ecu plugs? what can be removed? im assuming the maf section as the dta uses map instead? and what is a good brand of map sensor? also does anyone make up dta looms for the vr or is it a case of diy? cheers
  11. if you could find out how he modified the bracket that would be a big help. rather do that than mess about with the head. what spec is he running? do you know where he sourced the bracket or did he buy a complete kit?
  12. ive been doing a fair bit of research into fitting a Rotrex as ive found a place that does a basic C30-94 kit for a good price. i'd only need to sort the VR specific parts like the mounting bracket and decide what pulley and injectors etc i wanna run now ive looked at some build threads (seem quite old and thin on the ground) and wonder if some of the early fitting issues were still apparent r if things had changed. my main concern is that a few people have had to grind a bit of the head to allow for clearance. this seems a bit ott for a 'bolt-on' kit. is this still the case? seems its only on
  13. should it happen itll be mk3 and n/a if its not needed i wont run it to save on hassle anyway plans might be a changin if something ive spotted comes off as i hope!
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