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  1. Vman

  2. Stealth remap

    Just to add I had the filter at home but didn't take cos I forgot lol
  3. Stealth remap

    Drives much nicer I need a proper induction like BMC as the k&n pannel filter and drilled air box is kind of strangling it So like this it produced 210 bhp but I was never interested in the figure I was more concerned what it did on the road tbh It revs to 7200 now so makes more use of the cams and is also much better on fuel and a lot more responsive on the throttle But figure wise wasn't helped due to the fact it was mapped in hot weather but can't help that
  4. But surely the hot water will heat up the tb thus heating the air that passes through Cold air gives a better burn But I suppose the inlet sitting ontop of the engine cancels that out Ummm short runner is needed me thinks
  5. Is it worth removing the water flow that goes through the throttle body I can't see the point in running hot water through something that has air passing through it that I want cold as poss What's people's views and experiences
  6. Stealth remap

    Really lol Phoned Audi and they had them on this part number but they did say the plugs are used on many different vehicles. Gsf also said the same
  7. Superchargers

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place to purchase a stage 3 kit I'm after the whole shebang New or even a second hand kit but I want a whole working kit Thanks
  8. Stealth remap

    Dunno mate Part number fr7kpp33+
  9. Stealth remap

    Little update Changed my plugs for the ones recommended by vince (Audi tt 225bhp plugs ) Old plugs all removed and I wonder how it even ran lol and as well as it did 2 plugs has no electrode left and they all looked a million years old
  10. Worst job on a vr

    Touch wood I've only ever has a thermo stat stick shut
  11. Stealth remap

    Just to add mine is obd2
  12. Stealth remap

    Regarding the plugs vince told me to fit some as my vr doesn't seem to like super unleaded Soon as I told vince that he said about the plugs My power run at the rolling road day was 198 bhp but that was with standard cams and standard exhaust manifold I did notice a nice difference when I drilled out the air box so I'd say worth doing as it cost nothing to do Not sure on what to expect and not worried about numbers only interested in what happens on the road. As mine has the mods it has it needs a map for them to come to life and work together how they should
  13. Vw action

    Vw action vow action vw action vw action
  14. Stealth remap

    All booked in at stealth on the 25th Hope the re map makes a fair difference Mods I have are 6-2-1 race manifold Full straight through 2.5' stainless with decat Schlick 268 cams K&n pannel filter in a drilled air box Audi tt 225 bhp spark plugs as (recommended by vince) Also have a CDA carbon fibre induction kit as vince said he will do 2 runs to see what give the best performance. Can't wait Also will be going down the charger rout just looking for the right kit to pop up
  15. Vw action

    Is there a club stand for this and will everyone who says they are going actually turn up ( cough cough Gti international )