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  1. Hey, old topic, I fixed the fault couple of months ago. Turns out it was just an intermittent leak at the sensors, the sensor had a split in it, must have been letting air in.
  2. I've spent about 30 minutes on the internet trying to find a parts diagram to find seals for those two leaking plugs/sensors. But no luck. Best I found is very incomplete diagrams.
  3. Hi there! There's a few issue with the cooling system on my 2003 2.8 VR6. I haven't had a chance to poke around the car yet as my garage isn't accessible for now until I get my other projects out of there, but thought I'd get some info now so I know what I have to deal with when I get to have some garage time on the car. There's a coolant leak. I can smell it, that smell of burnt coolant on the engine block. There's a visible dripping leak at the two plugs/sensors shown in photo below. What are these sensors and do you think it's enough to replace the seals or must repl
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