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  1. Wanna break my car but no section :-(
  2. U have a set in oldham 20 quid
  3. proper can't wait to get going. Might break the vr6
  4. What was your insurance on the gsxr daveyboy for your first year?
  5. lovely bike. near me they do direct access with cbt includes for 480. I'm too big for a 125 so 600 bout the smallest I'd manage
  6. sep

    A & E

    Lol.. long nose pliers next time
  7. sep

    A & E

    Did you get sorted?
  8. sep

    A & E

    Don't forget it's a trivial thing... I'd be a bit pissed if I was dying with pain but I had to suffer cause you've cotton ear lolz.
  9. Any pictures? was the gsxr 600 a good bike?
  10. I was looking at doing the direct access.. got my eye on a gsxr 600 :-) get the vr6 broken for parts n enjoy 2 wheels
  11. Got the bug to todo my bike test and get a bit of a run around.. never really rode a bike before so didn't want to just jump in for the test n fail miserably... anyone on here know if you can get learner lessons etc? is the cbt hard? I'm quite good with picking new things up like driving diggers etc so I'm confident I'd pick the basics up in a day or 2... any advice?
  12. Yeah I just got it as was right colour. otherwise wouldn't of bothered
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