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  1. I went upto the dragstrip a couple of years back with a couple of lads off the mk4 forum, one of them has an Anniversary so we had a bit of a tussle on the way up there. I couldn't get him off my back bumper at all so imagine my surprise when we got there and he popped the bonnet and sat there was a TDi (chipped to 190bhp) - he ran down the strip and got identical time to my other mate with a 200bhp 1.8t. When I was racing with him I didn't think for a minute that a diesel could be as quick as a VR, so I never underestimate them these days lol
  2. jeez that must be the worst condition wheel I have ever seen, it makes my front nearside wheel look good!!
  3. It was an optional extra. As Binliner said Ian's car has it, his is a N plate car, you see it on a lot of the green and silver later 'highlines'. I think its loads of hassle to retrofit it however The European 'Syncro' Highlines have it as standard, as well as 4wd :D
  4. 99300 almost time for a telegram from VW lol
  5. was going to say the Ace112 until I saw the BBS at the bottom, BBS all the way really
  6. lol @ Justin... mines the same, its because I hardly ever use it - how much is a re-gas these days?
  7. I would say you'll have to have your arches rolled, just to be on the safe side!
  8. I have to agree with Justin, FKs are the business. I got the Highsport on mine which are nice but only height adjustable. If I was to buy again I would go the extra for the Konigsports.
  9. both are good mate, I run the Toyos up front and they hardly ever rub and I am lowered roughly 60mm
  10. I say it every time, Performance Direct 0870 458 4108 - they are consistently cheaper than anywhere else, for me, have never had a problem with any mods I have done
  11. lol.. I had a powerflow fitted a couple of weeks back and I got asked the same question: 'how noisy do you want it mate?' - 'ermm no I don't want it noisy' was my reply, and sure enough, its quieter than the standard system upto 4/4500rpm when it starts to really sing, which to be honest is pretty cool just the way I like it. Its also dulled somewhat since fitting, as Justin says they get a bit coked up and bed in nicely
  12. vrPat

    Fav Colour?

    Mulberry or Silver deffo not 'scrapyard' red (no offence intended to red owners)
  13. GSDs if I could afford Got 205/40 Toyos on front at the moment but they don't last long at all. The Goodyears are a lot better so say lots of folk
  14. is it not FK Highsports from Venom? Thats the ones I got from there
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