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  1. WE NEED TO TALK MATE . WHAT DATES ARE YOU DOIN ?? THING IS YOU NOW KNOW EXACTLY WHATS WHAT, I,M GOING IN BLIND AT THE MO .. Camping is a deffo no no (bollocks valued too much lol) so apartment/ house but where and when . found one Treffen at suggested date but suggested date sounds wrong now .???????? obviously need to book quick ..so any help is appreciated .
  2. Both hands up mate , to take this car (knowing the dollar it was asking ) and totally ripping it apart, to truly make it yours has took very large balls dude. good luck with the rebuild and can,t wait to see the end product .. fair play.
  3. how does Treffen lie in the scheme of things, just looking around ..?? would we be looking at 7 days in worthersee 17/24thplus travel either side how long in total, just asking cos house booking runs 17/24 th, as you can probably tell I,m on this like a cat on a kipper lol.need to know what I,m booking asap.cos I found an apartment at the right money
  4. very interested, BUT, how aree you thinking of working the accommodation bookings ? A club booking or every man for himself ? logistically could be fraid as if six are sharing a house how do we arrange it also would it be up to the individual to arrange all transport arrangements. great idea but a lot of planning needed. but yea could be up it .
  5. Take it no.one doing this ,hey ho..
  6. http://www.bristolvolksfest.co.uk/Tickets.html
  7. tickets booked for Bristol, and Dubs Mania at Weston Park..
  8. Will anyone be doing any shows this year ,?? not counting U/Ds..If so which ones are you looking at ?? AND wil we have the same senario as last year when the club books the spaces and no one turns up, ??
  9. http://www.dubaid.co.uk/ Been to the last two ,so would be rude not to..
  10. when this happened to mine i pushed a length of wire down the drains and hey presto fulln of shite no probs since ..
  11. This car i very very like, credit mate , ...very sweet install..
  12. Have a good day peeps ,would have brought the pig ,but have to be in London for work, hope the Santa Pod weather is kind to ya..
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