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  1. Sounds like could be immo on ecu I had very similar prob and got immo delete
  2. It's all the cables to batt terminals on positive side
  3. Just wondered if any you guys done this just I need to get extra length for my optima and wondered what best way of doing I thought using the brass cons and heat shrinking any other ideas be good to hear cheers
  4. 12w7 sealed enclosure as new no damage proper jl audio box 130
  5. I'd agree the standard setup is more than ample to stop the car safely I've over the yrs have debating on 4pots but chose not to for the sake of looks
  6. Original obsolete item been sat in wardrobe never worn so literally new no damage or marks hood sizw m but I'd say slightly bigger £50 nice Xmas bargain
  7. Anyone had similar symptoms she's basically been stood and no issues when fire but now all of sudden it's running aratic and popin and just sounds rough does it sound more of a maf issues over anything else
  8. dale p

    Maf sensor

    Original obsolete can only get from heritage at astronomical cost
  9. dale p

    Maf sensor

    Anyone got laying around
  10. Takes me back to my mk2 awesome bit of kit
  11. Ok let is know what you want for bits is she in coilovers at all
  12. Yes on cat was car running fine
  13. Ok what price you after for it and lambda
  14. I've got set 3" to which going to be using I will double check tho
  15. As above I have a pair for 15" rims Bargain at 265
  16. dale p

    Maf sensor

    After a new old stock really rather than a used but cheers tho
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