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  1. hi guys does anyone know if the mk4 will fit vr cheers
  2. need to take ecu out and find a company near you who can delete it
  3. any ideas on clicking clock clusters and no ign power on clocks would it be power issue to starter? its not batt issue as brand new yellow top on their any ideas so can bypass items more quickly
  4. does anyone know if the mk4 will fit the vr or they different cheers all
  5. what was outcome on this as mines got very similar symptoms cheers
  6. re connected power on car and turn ign on clocks are fine but once turn over clocks die and make a clicking sound any ideas
  7. im going to look into a few anyhow,my vr currently layed up still so be trip in caddy or g60
  8. morning guys just seeing how many of you are up for some events this year as going to look into sorting some club stands out will keep you posted on this and any specific shows drop a message
  9. hi guys whats best way to extend the power and negative cables to battery as putting yellow top in and need to extend the lengths cheers
  10. hi guys any planned shows for this year
  11. hi guys just seeing which is best way to extend power cables to battery terminals as hard wiring isn't working that great t due to thickness of cables any ideas be appreciated cheers
  12. Cheers mate all sorted now and that settingbof motor helped s lot
  13. I don't need to pull roof liner down do i the switch is clicking so id assume if was that you wudnt have any noise at all
  14. dale p

    Vr6 golf

    worth every penny my friend
  15. hi guys bought a highline auto which was going to break for spares for my own but the car is far to good so not bothering car was running rough I have managed to sort that and all elecs worked but sunday sun roof opened but will not close I can hear switch clicking but motor not doing nothing so closed manually but is it more than likely the motor and if so how easy is it to swap if anyone has done one cheers guys
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