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    I'd like to be somewhere else but here.
  1. nd

    My apologies

    Is she looking for her nickers 8-| :-d
  2. Good to see you back Han the sites not been the same without ya
  3. 30....... 31 in may.
  4. There the tinted crystals one's i think,like the m3 style they might be the fk one's. Quote me if i'm wrong
  5. :^) I'm thinking a good deterrent for thieves,let them try car jacking you with that all over it
  6. Pete your just to good at this :-d
  7. Pete rises to the occasion again :-d
  8. It's amazing what fun you can have with a piece of meat and two veg
  9. Ya having a laugh aint ya 8-) this is Lee where talking about (6) (%)
  10. Rather them than me making an arse of themselves :-p
  11. I'm a sucker for animals,so I'd like to have my own rescue and abandoned animal sanctuary
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