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  1. Petesvw


    Might meet ya gaz? let ya know if the VR is runnin or not : $
  2. Ring me pete, i may be able to pop down 07810563803 Wont be till next week tho?
  3. You can get insurance approved wings by "hadrian" that ain't a bad fit, But it's allways wise to try 'em first! With a bit of messing they can fit well and at half the cost!
  4. Petesvw

    Funny Pics

    LMAO, some good ones there.
  5. Petesvw


    Defo nausiated, but laughing ; )
  6. Oh god, now that makes mine look good cadders
  7. 'Eh up. Lets see ya'll, great tunout last time as you all know and it's time for another, so lets be havin' ya. At the earlier time of 1pm this time guys, as al is a moanin' tart who has to do as his missis says LOL As usual, old peacock opposite elland rd, sees ya there Show yer hands kids.....
  8. PMSL. Quite good for you that nick ; )
  9. LMAO, thats actually quite good mate
  10. Matt, thats a great piece of info which i was not aware of : ) DOH
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