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  1. As title anyone breaking a climatronic car 95' on as need sunlight sensor and wiring to centre vent? Thanks
  2. Really....that easy yea lol.....Should be ok then. Cheers mate
  3. Hmm. Anyone else know anything?
  4. Get a kit from http://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/ got a set of cc recaros in my highline and coloured them mulberry using one of thier kits
  5. Link works you just have to be registered on edition. Dont know of the car but looks to be a minter
  6. Brammer wont do the double sided zr2 belt apparently...i got mine from here for £103 delivered http://www.slstuning.de/eng/ take paypal too
  7. Hmmm you sure its that. Ive seen of the wrong length bolt being used on the auto-tensioner and puncturing through to the oil supply...was this removed at any point?
  8. As title if an engine loom from an auto vr6 was fitted to a manual...both obd2. Would i have any problems or just some extra plugs etc? Thanks in advance guys
  9. Checked the fuses in the black box just below the expansion tank?
  10. If you want to make a slight difference on an obd1 get a 2.9 tb and mani
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