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  1. I have the same noise but have noticed that my inner drive shaft boot has split.
  2. will do cheers, when driving seemto come from the gearbox side but could be resonating threw cab, im stumped
  3. checked that seems fine, it is doing it now accelorating and decelorating, Nothing if it is in neutral and blip the revs just when in gear and moving
  4. Just discovered that my in ddrive shaft boot on the drivers side is split. Could this be the cause of my squeel?
  5. As above I keep getting a squeal when driving. It a mk3 vr auto. It does not do it when under heavy load just when I am cruising along at constant speed. But when I lift off the accelerator pedal it goes. Any ideas guys would really hel me out.
  6. Think the lowers are tight enough just took a while to do with the old spanners as the is not alot of space to get my big mits in. Going to pop in to local exhaust specialist who make powerflow systems for them to check over. I think it's me though getting use to the different sound. Goes well though:-)
  7. Not to bad fitting but I found it a bugger to get under a tighten the lower nuts.
  8. and cut my hands to ribbons in the process
  9. fitted 6 branch mani and decat, what a job!
  10. Fitted raceland 6 branch yesteday but was a bitch of a job to tighten the bottom manifold nuts and it sounds like a have a little blow from the new gasket, has anyone else found this? also fitted decat but to be honest it sounds a bit tinny is this normal?
  11. Have got the 6 branches done and they look good but am having trouble getting the lower part to be tight and tidy, keep on getting lose bits on the wrap. Any advice would be welcome please guys.
  12. Just bought myself a raceland 6 branch and decat. Just wondered if there will be any gain in fitting now as I still have a standard exhaust system as I want it to keep the car looking original. Car has 2.9 inlet mani and ram air filter already and 2.9 throttle body to
  13. This guy normally has them, for about 48 quid, may be owrth emailing him and seeing if he has anymore.http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/pigeon-computing/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
  14. Can any one give me some advice on changing my anti roll bar bushes and drop links, as im replacing the front end and the car is already on stands.(also doing the wishbones/balljoints) cheers matt
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