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  1. Hello,I have had a chance to dismantle the rear light fittings as you suggested and I have found a corroded plug and terminal to the NSR light fitting which I’m sure would cause earth issues you described. When I used a direct earth from the light fitting to the battery neg terminal the fog light warning switch tell tale light did not flash, so hopefully I’ve found the culprit.I just need to clean this all up now and improve the earth situation for the light fitting I hope 🤞 Thanks again for your help.attachment.php?attachmentid=38721&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=38722&stc=1
  2. Hello, Thanks for your comprehensive reply it’s appreciated. As soon as I have a chance to follow through your advice I’ll provide an update. Thanks again
  3. Hello, This a first post for me so here goes; I have a 1996 Golf MK3 VR6 (RHD UK) and when I operate the indicators left or right the correct green direction arrow flashes as it should, but the rear fog tell tail light on the fog lamp switch flashes in sequence with the indicators, this is only the light on the switch only, not within the dash binnacle. The indicators also stopped working today when operated and then when cancelled worked again. Has anyone had this issue or got any pointers please? Thank you.
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