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  1. So I bought a mk3 vr6 which was sitting for a while as a project at first the windows were fine until I tried the heated seat control to see if they were working an started to see smoke appear through the dashboard so I switch of the car asap an looked to see the fuse was blown completely which handles the heated seat windows etc now I got no windows as it keeps blowing the fuse an no dashboard lights no cluster nothing this happened during the day so I didn’t notice it affected the interior light till last night I jump in to start it an was welcome by complete darkness please hel
  2. I've bought a mk3.5 cluster for my mk3 vr6 (just like the red needle) + new screens installed Now everything works apart from the temp gauge I swapped it back around with my old ones to see if it's the wiring but no as thwy work fine I've tried everything Please help as I've looked everywhere! Thank you
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