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  1. Want a G1 front lower strut brace. 02j g box Anyone?
  2. 964russ

    Vr6 ecu loom

    Need obd1 loom & ecu. Coilpack engine. For conversion into mk1 Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. No way to id my engine? Might have to as you say, source a full loom and ecu, mayb buy a full car? Didn't really want to go down that route. Seams a waste, won't use any of the car really.
  4. How do I find out which ecu I need? Fitting a vr6 in a mk1, missing the ecu. How do find out which ecu to source? Engine is an obd1 with coil pack, mayb a 1994? I think I need 021 906 258 AF But that's an educated guess.
  5. Recently acquired a schrick vr6 engine. Apparently built in germany many moons ago, lightweight internals, scrick inlet and cams, ect ect! Anyway, engines been stood for years. Turns over fine, seams ok. The inlet manifold has a vacuum actuator on it, this is damaged. Where can I get a replacement? Allso it should have sum vacuum control, this is missing? Any ideas? Thanks
  6. 964russ


  7. my n-reg is on 141k (hard miles) last vr sold it on 81k.
  8. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb437/964russ/20130618_173234_zpsce56bdd8.jpg Nearly ready for bugjam.
  9. Fitted camber shims on friday, 45 min a side. Not hard to do. It only catches on a big bumps now, ive got a fingers worth of clearance. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb437/964russ/20130621_200544_zps862cece1.jpg
  10. Fitted new tensioner bolt yesterday and its cured the rumble noise. Old bolt appeares to be sticking half way, when you mess with it the bolt springs open. Full of nasty stuff as well.
  11. 7.5 fronts 8.5 rears, 195 40 17 all round. A little stretchy. Need sum camber on the rear, best way?
  12. Wheels are on. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb437/964russ/20130530_170715_zpsb43d5c4a.jpg
  13. 964russ

    Best Ad

    The audi r8 v10, is the best advert ever! That noise, wow!
  14. Bbs rc split rims. Grey centre + polished rim. Managed to remove finger nails polishin them today. Iam goin 195 40, extra stretchy. Will get em on this week. Ill have to raise it a little, mega low.
  15. Ive done sum searching and the bolt can stick with age causing noise, more so when warm. Hopefully if i change this bolt it will quieten down. There cheap on ebay £28, part no 021109507b. Is this the later type? (springy)
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