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  1. Rich_SE

  2. devastated for you mate!! such a shame your vr6 was lovely!!! hope the new build goes well
  3. My VR6 its getting there

    nice lookinf example you got there
  4. Focker outs progress pics

    Awesome Car! this is car that made me want to get a vr6 a few years ago! shame about the owner though :) Good work martin!!
  5. richie's ultimate dubs picz..

    Great pics Rich!! even more gutted i never made it now! how amazing does warren's car look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ultimate Dubs - Pic's

    looks like it was a great weekend! still really disapointed my car blew it's headgasket so i had to give up my spot on the indoor stand. would like to say congratulations to my mate Martin (Focker-out) for winning best extrior, i think it was well deserved mate! i would also like to thank Warren (fourmotion) for the abusive text messages on saturday night and really kicking a man when he's down
  7. Stunning!! wheels look awesome! but i would say that really nice subtle looking vr just the way i like them
  8. My VR6

    lovely looking car!
  9. Results of my ReMap

    wot was your power at the wheels?
  10. My VR

    looking great Daz!!!!
  11. some nice looking cars here
  12. VR6 Syncro - Rolling shot Pg10

    if we are camping next to each other mine and marty's only rule is you MUST at ALL times have a beer in one of your hands:) really cant wait for it now
  13. VR6 Syncro - Rolling shot Pg10

    that looks incredible warren! there is no way im parking my car next to yours at ed38. it's in a class of its own! glad it all worked out for you
  14. Koni's every time! you wont regret it it's the best mod on my car i would say
  15. just had my car dyoned and it is running really rich. so i go and check my fuel bar pressure regulator and it is a 4 bar pressure regulator. my engine is a 1995 obd1 i know corrado's are 4 bar and i allways thought golfs were 3 bar? so wot bar should a 1995 golf be? is 4 bar correct? thanx