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  1. Dima

  2. yeah i know.. but cant find it anywhere else! thanks for the part number!
  3. Hi, does anyone know the part number for Heated seats relay? I need one for the passenger seat as its broken. Thanks
  4. I havent tried no. It was my next thing to check out actually. I looked at FAqs here and its recommended to clean it anyway but Im not sure what to use
  5. just had my leads and sparkpluges changed so i doubt its that. might be something else. i could smell petrol sometimes so i dont no really
  6. Had my coil pack out earlier it looks fine. Also its doing this now whenever it decides to. Its like as if something is holdin it back when i go to accelerate.
  7. Basically when i drive my car, 90% on the wet mornings my car just kinda missfires and will nor accelerate at low revs.. if i switch the vr6 off and switch it back on, it seems fine?! i have had spark plugs and leads changed but no luck, any ideas? thanks
  8. Hi, just wondering whteher I got a problem with my VR or not, I sat in traffic for 15min the other day and wasnt moving much at all. My car was doin 2.2MPG. I have just started the car and let it warm up and the traffic was just outside my work place. Please advise
  9. Center box with silencer or without?

    Well I have a stock one on there at the moment and the only exhaust mod is the stainless steel scorpion backbox. Im lookin to bring down fuel economy around town if possible... do like 18mpg at the moment = not good! thanks
  10. Had this taken to VW Garage and few others but no one can tell me what the problem is! Any ideas as I dont think it is the water pump?
  11. Hi, Im looking to get my center box exhaust replaced as its blowing and very very rusty. Just looking at this website and it has Superspring centerbox with silencer at around £113 and without for around £45... whats the best to go for? Will it sound really loud or quite nice without the silencer and does it make any difference to the powrer? Cheers, Dima
  12. heres my VR Mod edit to resize pic to the maximum width of 640 Moderator edit by: TheGoth
  13. Front Numberplate Mounts

    Have you got a picture of your please? I cant seem to find mk1 mounts anywhere... is there another set of brackets I can use like from focus or something?
  14. Front Numberplate Mounts

    Haha... I remember one my front one fell off by accident so I stuck to my windscreen... got pulled with thin 1min away from my house. Imma sort it out in the weekend I think
  15. Front Numberplate Mounts

    Oh right, thanks mate. I'll keep lookin, for now I'll have my plate sitting behind the windscreen! Hopefully will NOT get a ticket!