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  1. Thank you vr6turbo, found a replacement but it turns out the head gasket may have gone. Do you know where to get decent head gaskets and seals plus head bolts? Also a timing set, might as well do the lot if i have to take to top off cheers
  2. I'm looking for either a part for sale or someone In the Hampshire area with a 357 919 506B Radiator Fan Relay to try fitting in my car to see if that is the fault before replacing Many thanks Edd
  3. The VR as developed a noise at the back or lower part of the engine, if the diff is starting to go will it give signs or just go?



  4. superted23


  5. many thanks, have a feeling that it was removed when the shell was sprayed.
  6. Hello, do you have the colour code you used to spray your car - looks very similar to mine, I have to get front wings replaced and re-sprayed cheers
  7. Might be a silly question but are the front wings on a Mk3 Golf VR6 the same as the GTI or standard Mk3? I'm after a pair as mine are shot
  8. Name: VW Golf Mk3 (1995) Date Added: 06 September 2015 - 05:03 PM Owner: superted23 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  9. Hello people, if anyone knows of any decent engines for sale i need one for my 1995 mk3 vr6 (AAA ODB1 with coil pack) any info or offers greatly appreciated many thanks
  10. I know this is an old post but I am after some advice off you guys as it looks like im going down the same route with the R32 engine. I have found a mk5 R32 engine, is it possible and how easy is it to fit into a mk3 vr6, will it fit the vr6 gear box and where could I get the conversion ecu and looming for plug and play? help !
  11. cheers for the reply, having a few issues finding your thread any chance you can link it on here, many thanks
  12. A little help needed people, I have got a 1995 VR6 where the engine has died and I have managed to find an R32 engine, how easy is this to fit and do any of the ancillaries fit across? will it need an R32 ecu and will that fit the VR6 fuse board with a plug and play? Any advise needed many thanks
  13. does anyone know if these are the same as on the mk3 gti and are they expensive to get a pair new, just had the paint work re-done but one of the plastic sill skirts/covers was damage when taken off for body welding any advise or help welcome
  14. can someone please tell me the difference between an ODBI adapter for VAG.COM and an ODBII adapter? can you use and ODBII on and ODBI car? many thanks
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