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  1. Cheers mate, no worries. He may of converted the corrado to OBD2 as well as the engine swap... I didn't really read the dates. Just fired a few feelers out, ha. Thanks for replying.
  2. It seems like I've fried another ECU from jump starting again! So I'm looking for one for sale. If anyone has one for a good price, I'm interested.Thanks
  3. Have you got the ecu and immobiliser gubbins? If so, how much would you sell them for? Cheers
  4. When ever you can would be great cheers! I have been trying google but with no joy. Must be typing the wrong thing, eh.
  5. I was just wondering if anyone knew what some of the unlabelled measuring blocks where on the vagcom, for the engine? I know that there are other readings that are covered but aren't labelled. I understand obd1 only covers 01 to 06 and these are explained in the bentley, but what about odd2? I list of all measuring blocks covered on a obd2 VR6 would be well handy.
  6. Can someone please tell me what sort of angle reading should I be seeing on vagcom at idle? Thanks.
  7. Really liking this thread, good on ya. Its going to be insane with the Rotrex on it! Keep up the good work.
  8. I have a lambda sensor fault showing up on vag-com ( 00525 ) Lambda sensor short to ground. It is not the lambda sensor at fault. I have found that out as I Im now on my third new Bosch sensor! All the wiring had checked out ok, but I attached some temporary signal wires for testing and still no change. The lambda voltage stays at 0.0v at idle and you only get voltage when I raise the revs up, then as they lower I see a voltage of around 0.5v then it gradually falls back to 0.0v. On the lambda % on engine measuring block 1 I have seen get as low as -3.0% then drop to 0.0v at idle. I dont think
  9. No need for advice as it seems I was miss reading vagcom. Alls good now I hope.
  10. Ive been having a few rough running problems for a while now. This includes rough idle, very rich start up and slightly less mpg. I hooked up vagcom to take a look at measuring blocks as it doesnt show any faults. I noticed that the lambda values where high, rangeing from 10% to 20%? And there were no learnt values for idle and full throttle? Ive since replaced the lambda and have noticed a slight gain in mpg, but the readings are still similar? Ive now done about 200 miles since I disconnected the battery. Does anyone know what this could be, a faulty ecu perhaps? Thanks in advance for advice
  11. Can I carry out this procedure using vag-com or is it only for more modern cars? Cheers!
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