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  2. Swivelonit's MK 4 VR6T 4 Motion

    Been watch this thread for a while now, not sure if I've commented though. Impressed with the work you've done and the abuse you are giving it. My Bora is going in the same direction but I have an R32 lump in it now. I've just bought 2 sets of these to get my alignment perfect and provide maximum adjustability: http://www.ttforum.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=682849#p4485905
  3. GTI Spring Festival - 12th April 2015

    I'm tempted as haven't been to this since I had the Golf.
  4. Damn I should have turned up in the Bora.
  5. This has got to be the most comprehensive guide for wheels/tyres! http://www.carbibles.com/tyre_bible.html
  6. I'll probably be up for this as well.
  7. BBS CH 18"

    I had genuine BBS CH 8.5" ET30's on my Bora and the fronts scrubbed with 225/40 tyres on.
  8. Esp A Little Overzealous?

    How are your bushes? Just I hard the same problem on mine and since I replaced them with poly bushes I've not had any problems. FYI my drivers side rear wishbone bush was cracked and pushing through, maybe why it only happens on right hand bends?
  9. Swivelonit's MK 4 VR6T 4 Motion

    Good work on this, following with interest. I have the Eibach ARB's on mine and have no clearance issues with the drop links, are you sure yours are meant for the 4motion? Also the photo you posed of the rear ARB looks like its fitted the wrong way around, hence the drop link pointing off at a 45 degree angle. Interested in how low the GAZ coilovers can go as they are what I was going to get but couldn't find anybody with them on. How much is left on your threads on front/back?
  10. Engine transplant

    Sparkz do you have this guide to hand? Attempting this very soon on the Bora.
  11. I use uk-mkivs all the time and its a valuable resource for information. You are pretty much guaranteed your answers will already be answered on there.
  12. 4 mo 6 branch?

    Miltek do one for the R32 which also fits the 2.8 ;-)
  13. Camber adjustment front and rear

    You can get adjustable top mounts for the front to adjust camber and adjustable control arms for the rear. Also if you want you can upgrade the front end to R32 wishbones/hubs which gives you adjustable camber as well.
  14. Chuck second hand R32 suspension/ARB's on, lowers it nicely and stiffens it up to how it should have been from the factory. Dirt cheap too!
  15. Factory fit MFD sat nav locked!

    Code usually comes on a card inside the manual for the sat nav if you have it. Otherwise its a trip to VW sadly.
  16. Heh Shane only just noticed you've been pimping your saloon on here as well As I've said on all the other threads, awesome Bora and very jealous!
  17. I though it was about time I posted up about my new acquisition, so here goes. Me and a couple of friends (Claire and Dave) went on a road trip 2 weekends ago to look at a few cars and I ended up coming back home with this Bora: So the spec of it as I picked it up is: 51 plate 52k miles 17" long beaches Black heated leather recaros front and back Factory Sat Nav + Full FIS Climate Control List of things I want to do: Cruise Control 3 Blink Indicator convenience module (maybe) Xenon Headlights (may just go for HID's due to price!) R32 ARB's R32 suspension R32 interior trim and peddles R32 Steering Wheel BMC CDA induction kit Miltek Cat Back system There is other stuff I want to do as well but that all depends on funds: Polished black centred Porsche split rims US spec. boot Votex front bumper (maybe the rear as well if I can find them) Black badgeless grill Black mirrors, roof and B pillar's Miltek sports cats Let me know what you think and any ideas you have.
  18. On the way up to the show I stopped off to pick it up and fit it! LOL
  19. Looking good mate, the only thing I would have done is paint the background of the schrick logo.
  20. Couple of photos from Ultimate Dubs
  21. Bloody hell! They nicked a bonnet? Whats the new car and was it parked inside?
  22. high milers, avoid like the plague or all good?

    High mileage isn't a problem as long as its been maintained and looked after, yet it doesn't seem to matter as I cant shift mine (for the past year) which is on 176k, had the engine work done (water pumps, chains, tensioners, clutch, thermostat housing, etc), recent respray. Just needs a bit of tidying up to make perfect. If mine doesn't sell in the next month its getting broken!!!
  23. 423 BHP - It works!!!

    Looks awesome Pete as I said on uk-mkivs, I really really want your engine :-( BTW didn't realise you had to mod the bumper/bumper grill to get it to fit properly, that's a real shame.
  24. I used bathroom sealant on my RH's Mike, did the job and had no leaks what so ever.