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  1. Hi Paul, Good luck! I hope you find it and I hope it is still available, as people get these Vrs and destroy them.
  2. Dubpryncess


  3. Hi all, Sorry I have not been in touch lately, I am in the process of fostering another child and been caught up in assessments and Zoom meetings, so unfortunately I will have to step back from what I said in my last post. I deeply apologise alot is going on at present, I will dip in as and when I can. Xx
  4. I get what you mean vr6pete with four kids, me and hubby are fostering as well as our own 3 kids so it is a busy life. I was thinking of using Instagram as well as Facebook as I am constantly on those media. Can I please get back to you with ideas? I have many friends who own vws so ley me get back to you. X
  5. Good morning VR6Pete, it is sad times we are living in at present, I would love to be an ambassador for the club. I have however just purchased a jumper and renewed my club membership too its been a while and still haven't received my goods. But I would glady love to help promote and get the club back up and on its feet like old times. Its a very good club.
  6. Hey, perhaps bleed the brakes as one maybe pulling more than the other.
  7. I have change the petrol filter put a brand new one on, still no change. [emoji36]
  8. Initially when changing the Sensor the car ran fine, as well as when I changed the coil pack the car ran fine, both played up after I went up to about 4000rpm. I am at a loss Martin
  9. I have had New Chains New guides but old tensioner, do you think the tensioner given way because I have only done 200 miles since I have done the 2.9 conversion?
  10. I changed the Sensor because that is what came up on VAG Com I have changed the Spark plugs, Leads and Coil pack and it still sounds like a WRX.
  11. Hi the code I'm getting is 00515 Cam Position (Hall) Sensor (G40) open or short to positive.
  12. Hello Guys and Girls, I appreciate any help or advice I have changed the Cam Position Sensor as that what has come up on VAG Com and I am still receiving the symptoms, please can anyone advise me on what to do next. Much appreciated [emoji846]
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