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  1. Help Car pulls when breaking.

    Hey, perhaps bleed the brakes as one maybe pulling more than the other.
  2. Cam Shaft Position Sensor

    Sorted! I am one Happy Dubber [emoji8]
  3. Cam Shaft Position Sensor

    I have change the petrol filter put a brand new one on, still no change. [emoji36]
  4. Cam Shaft Position Sensor

    Initially when changing the Sensor the car ran fine, as well as when I changed the coil pack the car ran fine, both played up after I went up to about 4000rpm. I am at a loss Martin
  5. Cam Shaft Position Sensor

    I have had New Chains New guides but old tensioner, do you think the tensioner given way because I have only done 200 miles since I have done the 2.9 conversion?
  6. Cam Shaft Position Sensor

    I changed the Sensor because that is what came up on VAG Com I have changed the Spark plugs, Leads and Coil pack and it still sounds like a WRX.
  7. Cam Shaft Position Sensor

    Hi the code I'm getting is 00515 Cam Position (Hall) Sensor (G40) open or short to positive.
  8. Hello Guys and Girls, I appreciate any help or advice I have changed the Cam Position Sensor as that what has come up on VAG Com and I am still receiving the symptoms, please can anyone advise me on what to do next. Much appreciated [emoji846]
  9. Advice from fellow VR6ers needed..

    I have the same problem the seals have gone on mine, but I won't part with it.
  10. Big Dub

    Thanks for the share mate! How awesome is that growing up around those builds...fantastic.
  11. Big Dub

    Does anybody know what happened to the Sky Blue Mk3 with the x2 VR6 engines? Used to see him at Pod all the time. Used to be called Big Dub.
  12. Wheel Refurb

    Hey Peeps, does anyone know of any good mobile wheel refurbishers in London please. Thanks [emoji4]
  13. VR6OC Membership

    Hey guys I paid for my VR6OC Membership between the 6-8th August and I have not received anything yet through the post. Can you let me know what happened? BW Natasha Monford