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  1. 1997 Golf VR6 Highline Mulberry

    OK. Kind of you. 3rd Dibs. See how it goes with the other two guys.
  2. 1997 Golf VR6 Highline Mulberry

    Got two who've rung - you may be one of them? Ben in London - first dibs. And Andrew in S Wales - second dibs.
  3. 1997 Golf VR6 Highline Mulberry

    Just a bit dusty! The engine is genuinely 75k v well looked after miles - needs transplanting into another VR6 or Corrado. Mulberry interior is also v tidy. Hope someone can rescue it. Only put it on here so far. Where else might be worth a shot?
  4. FREE. This is free to anyone who wants it and can collect. This car was rolled (by me, ooops) in 2011. I’ve been away and haven’t been able to sort this before. It has been in open fronted storage since 2011. It is costing to store and need it gone. Collection from Hartfield, E Sussex TN7 4DN. Good access, concreted driveway to storage unit. Bad bits Panel damage, worst being front edge of the roof Windscreen v cracked Mirrors done for, NS missing Good bits - There are some! 2 x keys, alarmed, remote locking Wheels are good, although think one is chunked Tyres are nearly new but obviously now old, Toyo T1Rs No lights broken Interior leather good, needs cleaning and feeding Engine starts and runs very smoothly - battery is flat though - about 75,000 miles A very well looked after and maintained car - I was the second owner, bought in 2008 at 54,000 miles Great service history Uprated Eibach rear ARB BMC CDA85-150 If interested text, WhatsApp or ring me on 07802 380516. I have plenty of pictures.
  5. Engine has been fine last 20k or so miles. Left it for about 6 weeks, not driven. Battery was flat. Started and it now sort of pulses and hunts, very regular, when cold, kind of vrrooom, vrrooom, vrrooom, regular at about 2 second intervals. Stops once car is warmed to operating temp. Black smokes a bit when sationary and revved whilst cold. Seems to be running too rich. Any ideas what could be causing this. Sensor somewhere?. I have a reasonable knowledge of cars and engines but do not know how VR6 cold enrichment works. On Corrado forum someone said that the ECU needs to 'learn engine again'. does that make sense?
  6. Knightrider

  7. BMC CDA - Where to Attach?

    They sound soooo good!!!!
  8. BMC CDA - Where to Attach?

    Thanks people, much appreciated. Found that you don't need to put a 90 degree bend in it....and the holes in the retaining bracket SPF200K are too small for the tensioner bolt, needs drilling out.
  9. Sorry folks, probably a pathetic question. Just got a used BMC CDA85-150 from the Corrado Forum. Have fitted it and it sounds like the doggies doodaas, awesome. shagged my fuel consumption!! Used a 9 inch flower pot to wedge it into a controlled position (so I could use/listen to it), Clearly only a temp arrangement. Sooooo..... Where is the best place/bolt to attach it to stabilse it - onto an engine bolt - one of the serpentine tensioner bolts maybe? Or to a bolt on the body....if so which one? Which bolt. Where? N
  10. vr6 r32 conversion

    Have a look on the Corrado Forum. Number of guys have done this and you can see their posts and contact direct.

    Kev, totally agree. My son fitted a 2 box Jetex to his Corrado VR6 and it was wonderful. Extremely civlised at tickover, low revs, not caning it, magical noise on full chat at upper end of rev range. If you want a smile, fit a BMC CDA. My boy had a green cotton with the Jetex.....hairy, hairy noise when peddle to the metal.
  12. best place to set my VR6 up in kent?

    Preciate not in Kent, but JMR (John Mitchell Racing) is a seriously knowledgeable and respected engineering shop in Littlehampton. He specialises in Corrados - he has an immaculate and very special G60, but he also is an expert on VR6s. He has a loan car available. He is a good diagnostic guy but tends to want to replace everything that isn't 100% even if it is working fine at 70%, bit of a perfectionist, so you need to be cautious as to what really, really does need replacing. For about £90 he does a full assessment of a car (Rado or Golf) with a detailed written report. Quite useful to know where you are with your car.
  13. Thanks peeps - really useful feedback. That is what I thought. Inappropriate recommendation and just taking the Mick and after my money. Shan't be using them for anything any time soon.
  14. As subject. Anyone fitted KW Variant 3s to either a Golf or Corrado? They are seriously expensive.....are they worth it? What is the ride like? My standard suspension is a bit knackered and a tuning shop is pushing me this way. I'm a little suspicious that the shop is taking me for a ride - I can afford them but I don't think I need them and I'm thinking they will make a big margin if they supply and fit these. I actually do have a bus pass so I'm beyond 'middle aged', but still enthusiastic and use the car as a daily driver. I'm not going to do track days or what ever, just drive it on the road. I'd like it to handle a load better and, having done a bit of research, I was thinking Bilstein B8 'upside-down' mono shocks with some Eibach springs would do me. Better control and not too harsh, least that is what I've been told, fit and forget. Less than half the price. Appreciate the KWs are adjustable every which way, height, bound, rebound but I'm not sure I'd have a clue or the inclination to fiddle about with them. I've got the Eibach ARB kit fitted. Any thoughts, help an old boy out?
  15. I don't think so. Go onto sites that sell Milltek, Jetex etc and I think you'll find that the Golf and Corrado ones have diffferent part numbers and probably prices. Not conclusive, but gives you a clue. Or go to a Kwikfit and see if they are different - they'll have an exploded diagram.