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  3. 357919506B Radiator Fan Relay

    Your welcome the gearbox has to come off to do the all the timing chains if you have a TPS account great . or the dreaded ebay as long as the parts are febi or a well known brand
  4. Mk3

    Nice rear end hehe [emoji16][emoji1303]
  5. 357919506B Radiator Fan Relay

    Thank you vr6turbo, found a replacement but it turns out the head gasket may have gone. Do you know where to get decent head gaskets and seals plus head bolts? Also a timing set, might as well do the lot if i have to take to top off cheers
  6. Hi, What is the registration number of the car please, so I can look it up. You can pm me, if you don't want to post it on the forum. Thanks Pete
  7. 2 cars for sale 1 needs to go.

    still for sale reduced to 3000 on bbs gold wheels new angel eyes loads of spares 148000 miles full black leather etc,, more info call 01524416979 not taking less than 3000 on this cheers.
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  9. Mk3

    My love
  10. Golf VR6 Mk3 BBS Original Wheels

    I am looking for wheels for my Golf VR6 Highline Mk3 1997. I want to the original wheels. They have to be 5 spoke to fit my car. Would be liked to have tires but I dont mid. Looking for a good price. Live in Birmingham.
  11. Their Aziz

  12. Okay folks, looking to get this car sold; I'm willing to take offers around £1800 ono. Also just renewed his MoT Test so has a full years MoT again. It is a great car that needs a new owner as I sadly can no longer give him a home, he really is worth a look. Cheers
  13. What turbo for my VR6/R32?

    Great information in this whole thread. Really is spot on. Im currently building a low boost 3.2 24v, my aim is maximum 375hp due to this been a FWD Corrado running no LSD currently. Turbos I’m debating are the GT30 range any other people ran low boost with what turbo.
  14. 2 cars for sale 1 needs to go.

    hi all I'm reducing my vr6 on gold wheels new tyres lovely car 3000 I'm asking loads of spares etc angel eye headlights it's put this as sold and can't take it off for some reason but it's not sold lovely motor this anyone interested give me a shout or phone 01524416979 thanks
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  16. Hiya !

    Thanks guys ! Had a scout around the forum seems kinda active still which is bonus ! Looking forward to getting the Porsche 6 pots on and update the coilovers before a trip to Austria and of course the ring and the Mecca for VW of course also
  17. Hiya !

    Very nice car man nice list of mods as well very clean
  18. Turbo build

    I too was looking into Turbo'ing my VR a couple of years ago and spoke to Vince at Stealth in great length about doing so. Long story short I ended up Supercharging it instead, all I can say is Vince stated that standard internals are good for 400 bhp, mine is standard and is running a modest (by todays standards) 290 bhp. As Noggin says above, ring and speak to Stealth as they'll be happy to point/guide you in the right direction.
  19. Hiya !

    Outstanding sir, simply outstanding. Currently on the look out for an R32 (Already own a Supercharged MK3 VR6) which I will be keeping in standard trim...
  20. Hiya !

    hi all new to the forum , had a r32 for a long time now about 10 years ish .... anyway list of current engine mods / recent work: R32 HGP TURBO GT35 with custom housings VAG 630cc injectors (4 bar) 8:5:1 Compression Short Runner Intake Exhaust Manifolds with Lambda Ports Down pipe with internal Wastegate HGP map Custom 3" Lucifer exhaust with VACS custom decat Running approx 20 psi Approx 520 bhp 490 ftlbs Sachs Race Single Mass Flywheel , sintered paddle disc Secondary Fuel Pump Rear 312mm Discs with standard calliper Front brakes Porsche 6 Pots with original 334mm Mtec discs ( in progress) Colour MFA dash (built by @ard_technik ) Newsouth Oil Pressure Gauge , offset column pod HPA Touch Motion controller 18" BBS CK alloys Custom Headlight 'US' Spec with full LED conversion from standard xenon Pioneer music thingy with Custom Gear Knob... Poly bushed and on collies i'm also after some advice on Gaz coilovers GHA335 ? any good ? cheers guys
  21. NathR32T

  22. Turbo build

    Have a chat with Stealth Racing in Southam.
  23. MOT tester required

    Hi All, almost ready to collect my Rado but i need a friendly MOT tester in the Surrey area as its CAT'less. any help would be great! cheers steve
  24. Vw Golf Vr6 Supercharged

    Thank you. Mileage is 112k FSH
  25. Vw Golf Vr6 Supercharged

    Good luck with the sale. You may want to add the cars milage.
  26. Couple vr6 beauty’s from the weekend
  27. Vw Golf Vr6 Supercharged

    Possibly thinking about selling my supercharged vr6! Candy white (rare) Vortech V1 supercharger 13psi 360cc injectors Walbro 255 fuel pump BKR7E NGK spark plugs Forge 007 recirc valve K&N filter AEM AFR Boost gauge New coilpack and HT leads (0 miles) New genuine Bosch MAF (0 miles) New Lambda (0 miles) Oil and filter change (0 miles) New heater matrix Discs and pads all round (2000 miles) Front Mtec discs and green stuff pads Rear Black diamond discs and pads New Crackpipe, Thermo and Thermo housing last year. Mocal 16 row oil cooler New battery last year Dubpower downpipes Jetex decat straight pipe with Scorpion backbox 2.25” system New Throttle body. Car was welded in June 2016 with new front wings, sills and rear arches. Also had a full shoot have pictures to prove this. Slight knock from rear left top mount will have top mounts changed if i get time. Passenger side rear door doesn’t open from the inside for some reason. Probably missed a few things off will happily answer any questions message on 07554417788. £6000 ono
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