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Richie's 94 vr - still ongoing...

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since i haven't put up any pics of mine for a while i thought i better had..

i've been a fairly busy boy with some additions to the car...

and i've bought a digi cam at last and i think i've sussed out how to get good pics......






what you all reckon??????

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Loving the Steelies' date=' they chrome on the edge? Could do with some spacers and get them stuck out a bit more though, would look damn tough then, especially the rears!



not chrome - just sanded back to silver then laquered......

they are only winter rims borrowed from a mate ...

not too sure on spacers - this way the mud doesn't get splatted down the sides and no rubbing!!!!!

thanks all

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thanks peeps...

what's wrong with my parking???? ;);)

made the car at the right angle to take pics, and no-one can dent my doors!!!!! :D:D;)

as matt said - all the old dears down here nobody can park anyway!!!

to be honest i would think about about spacers but the steelies are not mine - i have only borrowed them for a couple of weeks as a temporary measure.....

new alloys comin soooooooon (hopefully)

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i didn't like them at first, it was to get an idea of what black centred wheels would look like......

now they've been on there a while i'm starting to really like them actually ...

they are 16's from a new beetle .....

i do have the trims aswell!!!!!

but no they are not going on..yet..

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they are 6 1/2 x 16 beetle steelies, running et42 all round ...

used normal sandpaper from 120 down to 1200 grit to sand the black paint off the outer rim ( they come totally painted matt black)

then laquered the whole wheel ... job done..

need to take a tiny bit off the caliper carrier to clear the inner edge of the wheel but other than that - straight on...

tyres are 195/40 16!!!! - making them tiny overall diameter and therefore the car is silly low... :D:D

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