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Matty's Golf mk4 R32 Turbo 4 motion

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Time to start wiring this lot together. After hours and hours starting to make sense of it. This is my version of a millspec consentric twist.

Hi all, I have been a member on here now for over 8 years now. I have learned lots from different members on here, from my first supercharger build to my last turbo build this site has been

Turbo manifold construction in progress.

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2 minutes ago, matty.vrt said:


My dream would be to do this with a Rallye but had this car for 7 years so the base was basically free.



I was lucky enough to get one before the prices sky rocketed so living the dream however I've not driven the car even though I've owned for 3 years or something like that.

When you have a sec have a look over my build. I've put a link in my signature

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Ok, as promised a long overdue update.
Chargecooler painted and installed
30L fuel tank with duel -10 AN outlets. Planning on having 1 feed for electric pump to prime system and 1 clear run to feed the mechanical pump.
Fuel & Ice tank mounted
New 18x9j pro race 1.2’s that I won for a steal on Ebay, 265’s now on with no need for horrible flares.
Dash offered up, needs mounting but can’t be bothered making mounts so it will be coming back out for the time being.
Powercoated hubs with new VW bearings

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New track rods
More powdercoating
New driveshafts from VW
Nice to see it all coming together
At this point I just wanted to get the car back together and running. So it was a quick clean of the brake calipers and back on. I will probably get these refurbished next winter.
Mount made for my Talon switch panel. Total newb at fabrication if you can call it that but good fun anyway.
400bhp NX Express wet kit just in case
Car loaded up and on the way to the dyno
Car made 555bhp on wastegate springs which is enough to run it in and zero modifications to the standard DRP gearbox.
My Dad loves the wood but I think it has to go
After lots of thought SQS or DonOctane decided to go for something purpose made and best of all UK made.
Time to come apart again
Lots and lots of Fing and blinding late the gearbox was out with the engine and transfer box still in position. Entirely possible but definitely yanking the engine next time.
New guest has settled in nicely
Turbo to charge cooler pipe powder coated after a few little tweaks
Had a few issues on the dyno with pipes blowing off and overheating due to air locks so re-introduced an expansion bottle back in the system.
Found a local guy to paint the car so decided on House of Kolor ‘Jet set back’ and lots of clear and colour sanding. Seen it on the tv a bunch so fancy myself a nice paint job. On area I’ve never paid a lot of attention to.

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Great to see you’re still cracking on . I’ll certainly be watching from the sidelines.

By the way can you confirm the part number for the NGK coil packs is 06E905115E? Need to get a set for my build and prefer the look and layout with these

I will take a look at the weekend
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