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  1. Looking great fella ?? Domt forget to hit me up with regards to that casing when you have time ?
  2. Fair play. Look forward to seeing the new paint and dyno vid in due course.
  3. Now that’s an update worth waiting for. Could have sent a warning. [emoji7] Really interested to know how that gearbox holds up, torque/power limits etc. Awesome update [emoji1417][emoji1433]
  4. Great to see you’re still cracking on [emoji1417]. I’ll certainly be watching from the sidelines. By the way can you confirm the part number for the NGK coil packs is 06E905115E? Need to get a set for my build and prefer the look and layout with these
  5. Sounds about right. Then Photobucket messed everything up so I deleted it
  6. I was lucky enough to get one before the prices sky rocketed so living the dream however I've not driven the car even though I've owned for 3 years or something like that. When you have a sec have a look over my build. I've put a link in my signature
  7. Had a great read though this on my way to work only to get here and have no ending Any updates Matty? Very interested as I’m doing a similar build in my Golf Rallye
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