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Forum Moderator Required

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Here is an exciting opportunity for someone who would like to get involved with the club more! 

We are seeking additional forum moderators to join our growing team!

If you are interested in helping us to maintain a healthy forum, please let us know!

Moderator Activities Include;

  • Welcoming new members and encouraging members to post.
  • Assisting new members posting and uploading  images.
  • Moving forum topics to the correct forum category.
  • Cleaning up of "The Market Place" forum category for items sold.
  • Enforcing our community guidelines across the forum.
  • Enforcing "The Market Place" guidelines.
  • Promoting Club Membership and Online Store.

There will be other club related activities to be involved with also.

  • Input into the direction of the club.
  • Assist with organizing of meets and events.
  • Promotion of meets and events.
  • Adding of events to forum and Members Map.
  • Contributing to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc..)

Please let us know how much time you are able to dedicate to the club along with any fresh ideas you can bring to help us grow :)



VR6OC Team

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I champion the bloke that wants to do it (Ky) and Bennyk. I nominate Ben too, as he's a bit tasty with the paint mixing computer. Well, that's the impression I got last week when he managed to fix the paint machine computer after it went tits up! That's moderator stuff at its finest right there!

Punching the computer won't help me here bealieboy!

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Am thinking about it - illness has meant I can't open a ketchup bottle at the moment let alone pimp slap a 22mm bolt off so looking into home work at the mo and the foreseeable future!

I have brown hair, brown eyes, 36 years old, I LOVE to go out dancing..... and when I say go out dancing I mean drink heavily and watch the footy and rugby whilst desperately trying to hold on to my youth and typing up some random non-sense to people I have never met over the t'interweb for their amusement, whilst actually being glad I don't have to go home to look after the kids - like some of my former public house frequenting homies - so I can once again pass out with a can in my hand and wonder whether or not I pee'd myself with the dribble of what smells like beer on my lap - as the blurry vision reveals a nicely balanced beer can on all 8 of my plug sockets that must've sneakily leapt out my hand onto them when I wake up at 4am and reach for a fresh can and the VR6OC home button, all whilst being glad I didn't get arrested and have you lot to turn to!

That last bit was me sucking up in an interview by the way, I in no way tend to feel like a fresh can at that time nor can physically see my keyboard and am far too boring to get arrested nowadays as much as I try ........... you can add honesty to my c.v. too, plus, I can turn a tale that keeps you reading through a thread until at least here!

Boring stuff is; I am an autodidact apart from college level Business and Applied Sciences education, started building Golf's 28 years ago pretty much, have spent the past 5 years teaching myself Bosch tuning, have done, to various degree's, thousands of cfd tests, taught myself welding, taught myself how to paint a car, manufacturing techniques, CAD ....pretty much everything and am half okay at pimping myself out in an interview via a shameless public plug in a somewhat jovial context!

Sounds like an ideal moderator if you ask me! Plus, do I get to meet lot's of girl-racer hotties too?

Future moderator Rick

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