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Dave's Mystic Blue VR6 History & Future Build Thread R660 TUJ

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Not been much to report lately.  Got my oil feed and drain lines sorted.  Had all my engine bits back from the powder coaters so I can start putting everything back together!



Had my Brembo calipers done at the same time.


I got a quote to have them refurbished by a well known caliper company and they quoted £250 to do the calipers.  Extra if they had to replace seals etc....


I bought a new seal & bolt kit for £59 delivered.  Came with lines, bleed nipples, Caps, bolts, seals & dust boots.  The powder coaters charged me £20 a side to blast and coat them.  Decals where £10 for 4 High Temp ones.  So all in all I saved myself a few quid I think doing it myself.


So armed with a brew made by the wife!  I set about rebuilding them!




Really happy with the way they have turned out and rebuilding them was a piece of piss I would strongly advise anyone to do their own before paying someone!  Plenty of videos etc and it really is a simple process.



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Getting built up now mate.. done some welding of silly bits in the bay, painted and sealed under front arches, and all where the subframes meet the body, just got all the non abs lines n bits to convert aftre removing abs, get 3 nights off this week so gonna attack the loom  :unsure: 

then its the home run.. :)  

I want it on road in a couple of weeks now.. fed up borrowing cars..  Bay wont be painted but will be done and ready for paint.. 

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Haven't been on in ages. Had so much going on with my businesses and shit!

Plus with not being able to sort the alarm issue with the car I put it in an unused spray booth at one of my places and left it there.

Got an auto electrician I know to look at it and he found a split in the starter wire. So now she's firing on the key I am happy again. As it sat for so long outside my garage it's in a right state with mould on one of the seats. Absolutely gutted. So I spent the day yesterday putting it back together and removing the interior. Fixing a seized tailgate lock and realising that both window regulators are f**ked.

ImageUploadedByThe VR6 Owners  Club1464600146.734984.jpg

ImageUploadedByThe VR6 Owners  Club1464600163.844045.jpg

Ordered some new rubber and brakes to go with the brembos. All being well two weeks she will be ready for a detail. One of the lads who works for me brings his dog in and their is some scratches on the wings caused by the mutt. So more to be done

Anyhow cheers for popping in! Loving the new app!!

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So went to have a little play at my garage this afternoon. Car in the air test fit brakes.

ImageUploadedByThe VR6 Owners  Club1465064398.211017.jpg

Looking good

ImageUploadedByThe VR6 Owners  Club1465064424.421330.jpg

While she was in the air I was giving her a look over and started peeling the under seal away which led to this!

ImageUploadedByThe VR6 Owners  Club1465064503.561693.jpg

ImageUploadedByThe VR6 Owners  Club1465064517.450758.jpg

So looks like a rep are is in order. Just glad I started prying as it was not noticeable. Glad it's been caught. This is what happens when they sit unused.

When is the first show again this could turn into a lengthy strip down lol

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Well the chaps finished the floor today. From these scary things. 57604cc1548b0_ImageUploadedByTheVR6Owner

To this welded sealed and painted. In car shot.




Then finished off with some sound deadening.


I can now put some damp core in then refit my professionally cleaned carpets and start rebuilding this wench!

Brake pad fitting kit for Leon Cupra R brembos. £160 a pair on mainland UK. Or £100 a pair from Seat Belfast. Managed to find a used set on the rear of a maserati coupe. They run the same calipers on rear!!


Price for a couple of springs though is shocking!!

Anyhow loads more to do before tatton

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Well popped to my garage to do a bit after work this evening. Got my new brakes fitted. 10mm spacers just don't cut it. Ordered some 11s.


Need to get it back on the road soon . Just wish weather would improve. Balanced all my wheels when fitting the new Yokies and one has a buckle from a pothole on our shitty road. Sent it off today to be repaired. Will send bill to the council.


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8 hours ago, bennyk said:

I wish you lot would stop fitting brembos to your cars! Means I'm going to have no choice but to start looking for a set!! They look awesome behind your wheels though mate!emoji7.pngemoji1360.png


Cheers chap!  They have spent nearly 18 months in a drawer in my spare room!  Thought its about time I fitted them hahaha 

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