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My 87' Golf 2 VR6 Build

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​Hello guys I'm a new member to your forum.

In 2002 I bought my golf mk2 87' (2' hand 3 door) without any kind of knowledge or experience in engineering on this car .It was 1050cc ( lol ) original and the body was clean ,but the paint was horrible ( red-pink). However i changed bumpers ,i replaced the doors (90's) , tinted windows bucket seat(driver side) and so on....bla bla bla

Somewhere in between 2006-2007 the engine totally failed (327,000 km) so i had to change it and due to lack of money at that time ,i purchased a 1800 8v Carb -no injection (which I was very pleased with) . I started later on modifying the car just a little bit, (wheels ,performance, lowering the car etc) because I was planning to get it painted. Although I didn’t paint the engine bay but it came out really nice Red color and all the new trims ,spoilers etc. 

So overall ……. YES I started from scratch.

This is a photo of the car at the end of November 2013 .(and the engine –filthy )






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At the end of february 14' ,someone whispered to my ear that there was a V Engine available in someone's backyard and that he wanted to give it away (space issues) .However the engine was in a good working condition but it was covered with half inch of dust.  :shock: 

I said why not ( i was super excited at the time and i forgot to take a picture of the complete engine)


ta raaaaaa


then i started to disassembly the engine


started fixing the loom


and while i was expecting some new parts to come in ,i decided to mess around a little bit  :)


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the parts came in 


and head came back cleaned and skimmed ,checked valves ,springs etc...


and bought new rings ..... for the pistons which i had send to be inspected,.........

IMG_1073.jpgand after i inspected carefully the block (crankshaft etc.) then i started to paint the block

IMG_1068.jpg  i let it dry like 24 hours and then i painted it with the color i wanted

IMG_1083.jpgi did the same thing to the head also

IMG_1087.jpgand this is how she came out  :D  :D

IMG_1085.jpghad the gasket in and ...........

IMG_1090.jpgafter checking or replacing the guides i proceeded with the covers




she looks nice  :D  :D  :D



for now i'm done ,i'm gonna paint the trans and some other staff 



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to be honest no there was no reason but at the time i didn't know much about the engine ,but also knew that i should change some things if i wanted to be with coilpack ,like engine loom and ECU (correct me if i'm wrong as i said i'm a newbie to VR )

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surgery time ,,,,,,,





And that 's me ,giving a hand

DSC_0039-1.jpg like an hour later ......bye bye icon_smile.gif (overall she was a good and reliable engine)




well at the same time i removed the dash 



my mechanic removed the mk2 subframe and rack 

DSC_0073.jpgand replaced with mk3 

DSC_0076.jpgnew parts 




well i think the donor's suspenion was for a 4x4  truck   hahaha  , :blink:


anyways i wanted to clean the engine bay in order to have her in

0C81A7BF-5DFC-4C45-B349-4CFCEC266D89.jpgand painted (roughly but due to lack of time and space at the workshop)


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the boss preparing the dash


and trying to fit it in



some mod's




and here comes the loom :angry:


testing the dash


now dash removed and some special coating on the frame and then sound proof


and inner loom


a2 resource ofcourse

and at that point we wanted to test if the heart was alive ;)B)

hese she goes in



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hello people some more pics ....




fuel tank GIII


lift it up for some assembing


removed the old pump , fixing the t-axis and in general the check




and the next day i had her ready for the final stage 

the rads


:) :)


and of course i wanted to check the connections , plugs etc. and placed the battery temp and switch on 


:D :D :D


by the way does anyone knows if i can erase some mileage .............or   not??


anyways the next thing i did was the dash ..............it looks nice


and here she is       ta      raaaaaaaaaaaaa 

of course not completely done  but    SHE  IS ALIVEEEEEEE    :D :D :D


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well this is the last pic i got guys and this is how she looks now but due to lack of time ( job) i haven't finished it yet ,.............


Anyways well here is the deal ,


the last 2 weeks the car is out of the workshop the engine is working really great ,


but i there is a small issue.


1)     when the engine is cold  she will not start right away like 6 sec's cranking , off and then again 2 sec's cranking and she fires up .

         Any ideas ??


2) she pulls really hard ( not full throttle but at least half) and when she gets warmed up like 85 -90 C  ( rads kick in ) ,by the time i push full throttle and after that i stop to a traffic light then at that moment she starts behaving weird - at that point  i have first gear and kick off from there she enmesh like over fueled ,mix-up ,or vacuum ,or i really don't know .


     Any ideas guys ???

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well i changed the maf sensor with 2 used but working ones and i still have the same issue. I mean i have changed almost everything on this engine and i don't know what it is . :angry:


to be honest i haven't changed the below items :huh:


crank sensor (it seemed ok)

dizzy (it was almost knew)

O2 sensor

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Did you wire up the diagnostic port?

If so try getting vag-com or VCD's on it.

Run a fault code test and see if it return any codes.

Then try running the engine with vag-com connected and use the measuring blocks to check the sensor.

Any problem should show up in either of these,

Either a fault code, or dodgy readings on one of the sensors, from the measuring blocks.

be careful of old none cleared error codes. I usually clear the error codes, then run the engine until hot. Switch off engine, and re-check for error codes.

As any error that re-appears still remains , and is not an old code.

Edited by c00k

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well , i know it is a very long time since i've posted anything but .................whatever.


Anyhow , regarding the check up DTC's i had back then :


00537  :   Lambda (Oxygen Sensor) Regulation: Upper Limit  (Intermittent)

00533  :    Idle Speed Regulation: Adaptation Limit below limit  (Permanent)

00561  :   Mixture Adaptation: Adaptation Limit (Add) Exceeded   (Permanent)

00513 :    Engine Speed Sensor (G28): No Signal   (Permanent)


i had erased the codes back then but the issue of course remained.


the next step was to change some sensors -  air temperature sensor ( the one which goes on the manifold)

                                                                     -  one of the knock sensors (the one which goes next to the oil cooler)

                                                                     - TPS  

                                                irrelative_    -   oil pressure sensor  all 3 of them









and  GUESS WHAT ........................  nothing has changed .:(


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