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  1. just a video (part1 ) of all the above so far for my golf 2
  2. a bit of update besides my small engine issue , at least i am trying to do something good
  3. Thank you for your reply , actually i tried once but it was not with Vagcom ( something else i don't remember right now) but when i did it ,it took like 30 minutes and at the end the Program crashed ( ) . Anyways i will figure it out somehow .
  4. I think i found the issue , something is wrong with my throttle body ,does anyone know the degree (angle) of the throttle butterfly??? I found it 9.6 degree angle , is it correct???
  5. any help on the above is appreciated , thanks
  6. received yesterday IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME DREAMING ABOUT THOSE .................. PSS9 :):)
  7. some more goodies ............................... Lamda sensor and crankshaft sensor
  8. The vehicle is on the road of course long time now but due to the fact that i was abroad for a long time ,i didn't had the chance to examine bit by bit again what is the issue exactly. Nevertheless , 2 days ago , i had re - done the inner loom and came out like this >: I do have 2 questions though , if anyone can help me @ you can see above that , there is a white plug (on the left) with red/black wire from U1 AND U2 PLUGS , where does it go ? when i switch on (turn key ) i get 12 Volts. On the below picture i found a white
  9. well , i know it is a very long time since i've posted anything but .................whatever. Anyhow , regarding the check up DTC's i had back then : 00537 : Lambda (Oxygen Sensor) Regulation: Upper Limit (Intermittent) 00533 : Idle Speed Regulation: Adaptation Limit below limit (Permanent) 00561 : Mixture Adaptation: Adaptation Limit (Add) Exceeded (Permanent) 00513 : Engine Speed Sensor (G28): No Signal (Permanent) i had erased the codes back then but the issue of course remained. the next step was to change s
  10. thanks for your help c00k , i 'll check it up soon ,and post back
  11. well i changed the maf sensor with 2 used but working ones and i still have the same issue. I mean i have changed almost everything on this engine and i don't know what it is . to be honest i haven't changed the below items crank sensor (it seemed ok) dizzy (it was almost knew) O2 sensor
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