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best sites for Android?

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ha ha ha in all honesty i-phones are good, its just everybody has them and i wanted something different, but ur right the apps are poo on the market place. Scared of downoading anything of tinterweb incase it messes up my phone :(

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iPhone is poor, does many things but only Averagely does them :P

Far better phones if you don't fall for all the marketing hype....

Anyway back on topic...

I don't have an Android phone but might be worth checking these sites out :-)









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Apps is short for "Applications" and has been used as an abbreviation in the PC world for donkeys years. . . . . Nobody is really copying anything....

Although not Android based, the iPhone has in facxt copied everything from other phones..... I can't actually think of a single feature that the iPhone can claim to have had "First"

They are always a step behind other phone manufacturers and simply add features to their latest phones that others have had for months and months.

Don't get me wrong... I do like the iPhone in a funny way, but there are many other phones out there that are so far ahead of it ! Only thing is they don't have a marketing team to make people "Think" they have a great phone.

Same goes for the iPad but on an even greater scale :-)


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