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anybody know how to tell bhp (DIESEL)

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ummm I donno fella my dad has a 2002 gttdi and the badge says "dt red i" and is def a 150bhp one.. Shame about loosing the v6 but the gtdtis are RAPID and it feels nearly / as fast as the VR

tbf im sure if you take the reg to a vdub dealer that they could use the computer to tell you which one it is

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as a general rule.just red I is a 110 red D & I is a 130 and all red TDI is a 150 or 180

but as said dealers dont always do this right, my bro just bought a mettalic beige (gold) 150 Bora Highline TDI and it has wood trim and all that, you can also tell from the engine bay without the code as the 150 and 180 have huge turbo intercooler pipes that run around the back of the block the less powerfull ones dont

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anybody know if i can find out the bhp on a golf tdi from the reg DU02XVE cheers

Easiest thing is to call VW customer services or speak to your local dealership, they should be able to look up the car on their Database and let you know exactly what it is.

0800 711 811 - VW Customer Care

I'm pretty sure it will also tell you on the log book . Cant remeber what mine says


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hi pete,

yea sorry been quite busy at home and work latley and been abroard,i try to get on here as much as possible,

the diesel is fantastic to be honest,i get about 500 miles to a tank full round town £57.00 to fill up,not been on a motorway run but i shall do soon,the power is a demon and blows away most petrol cars to be honest, (in a cloud of smoke!)

regards jon.

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