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Some Turbo parts came last week. PICS..

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Fitted some stuff today. V-band oil catch tank, Fragola AN6 water lines for the GT35R and the new saturday candy package came from USA today

Went to Oslo motorshow a couple of months ago. Just tought you guys should see this......  

Would love see a video of that Club Chairman

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I was driving along to work in 6th gear. Wideband was pending from 10-12AFR......

I tought, well here we go again with boost leaks :banghead:

3 minutes I drove like this, when the gasoline smell came. Stopped the car and gasoline was floating all over :facepalm: One injector had gone out of the fuelrail, and was spraying the engine bay. I have a heat blanket and a fire extinguisher in the car. Just to be safer. Closed the hood, and waited for the tow truck to pick me up. 227GBP to get the car home :wave: Insurance only bring the car to the nearest workshop. I wanted the car home asap.


Hope these will last longer than the regular Powerflex control arm/wishbone bushing.



Just a old Golf...... ;)


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Yesterday I took the day off at work and got some parts fitted. New oil pump, mounted the Powerflex buschings and got a new set of tires. Federal RSR semi slics. Same sort off wheel that Toyo R888s....

Result? Tight and presise handling. Better steering wheel feeling and the grip is very good.

Running only 20 psi, but it rips pretty good on the road and in the streets (a)

ProMaf software setup runs very good. Super happy.

The 1.06 T3 housing on the GT35R is a perfect match for the 12V.

Its useable and really playfull.

Been driving 12000 kilometers this summer. Zero issues.

Im not a big fan of show off people and big talkers. I hate that.

But I need to say.... When the boost is between 20-30 psi, this car is a monster in the streets.



Some cheap chinese tires. Tyre pressure was perfect, but it had 3 holes in it, like you see in this picture


Fedreal RSR 215/40 - 17"


New dailydriver family car. 2012 Skoda Superb combi. 2.0 TDI with 02Q 6 gear. Really like how this car drive.




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Schimmel 263s and Coolingmist stage 3 kit.




Cleaning the Pro-Maf ready for spring time. Its gonna be awhile, cause we have -19C and snow this days...... :) But thats life :)



New OEM oilpump


Fitting Supersport Black Evolution coilovers on my daily Golf V6 4Motion. Really like the Supersport. Have it on my mk3 as well.



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Sold my Golf mk4 V6 4Motion. To thirsty and boring. My wife got her dreamcar, haha....

2007 R56 Mini Cooper 1.6 120bhp. I really enjoy driving it.




When going hiking, just let the Skoda Superb stay in the garage. We got a Mini, at it should be possible to use it :)





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Turbo off. Not sure if the Turboservice company can measure the air flow before/after with the billet wheel installed.
They are gonna balance it on and take a look at my 5 year old turbo. It looked in very good shape when i took it off. No shaftplay, no damages to any wheels. Hope it will last for more years. For a fwd street car that are not driven so much on the freeway, the GT35R is very good. If I lived next to the highway, it would felt a little short..




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