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  1. with the new ULEZ rules coming into London next January my VR6 is for sale. it is a 1996 5 door in mystic blue and has done 150000 miles. i bought the car about six years ago to use at weekends as at the time I had a works van. it is recorded as a cat C after a car shunted the rear end but i spent a lot of money having a genuine VW rear panel and all the wheel arches replaced by Harpenden classic and performance who also did any other bits of rot they found. i have pictures of the work being done. it is in MOT until the beginning of November, prior to the MOT i changed the discs and pads
  2. any one got a source for the bulb holder/bulb for the headlamp switch backlight. i think the part number is 1 HO 919 243 A but i am drawing a blank trying to get one. cheers nick
  3. I broke a couple of clips whilst taking my headlining out and am struggling to get replacements. the part numbers of the clips are 1H0867260B and 1H0867260C and I need two of each. they hold in the interior plastic trim panel that goes from the A post and over the top of the passenger door opening. can anyone help me out? cheers Nick
  4. my front brake disc splashguards have disintegrated and I have just been told by TPS that VW dropped them last February. any one got a good second hand set for sale or know of an aftermarket supplier? the autofactors I use reckons they were o/e supply only cheers nick
  5. i have made a drawing of it to work with. i think connector T1k connects up with the heated wing mirrors. i am just undecided as whether to fault find properly or shove 12 volts down the white and green wire using a power probe and hope for the best!!
  6. I am trying to fix my heated rear screen. I think it is the switch that's faulty but don't have a wiring diagram to identify what wires and pins do what. there is a black/yellow that is supplying 12v to the switch a thick green/white and two thinner wires. I have checked for continuity through the four wires in the plug by the nsr light to the plug by the wiper motor and all is good but after that I am stumped. any ideas?
  7. as it says. I want to get rid of the conlog alarm in my car and am looking for a decent alarm fitter in the Watford/north west London area. cheers nick
  8. I am putting my vr6 back on the road after a long lay up and have sorted out all the problems bar one and I am clueless as to how to fix it. the central locking works on the boot, both rear and drivers door but not the passenger door. you can lift the manual locking pin up and down, turn the key but it just wont open from either inside or outside handle. It doesn't look like I can get the door card off without destroying it unless the door is open. I need to get it sorted as the wife refuses to travel in the back and I don't want her climbing over to get in the front and wreck my interior. che
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